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Sydney Sweeney has been spotted in various black outfits while in New York promoting her new film, Immaculate. The actor has been putting her own spin on the classic LBD, showcasing different styles and looks. Styling by Molly Dickson, Sweeney wore a black long-sleeved minidress from Versace’s spring 2024 collection, featuring a zipper running from neckline to hemline, emphasizing her figure with a nipped waist and shoulder pads. Paired with sheer black tights, pumps, a Versace handbag, and cat-eye sunglasses, she exuded a retro vibe.

For her appearance on TODAY, Sweeney opted for a more edgy look with a Khaite ribbed-knit wool and leather midi dress from spring 2024. The drop-waist dress accentuated her figure, while her accessorizing added a tougher touch. She paired the dress with pointy-toed boots adorned with multiple buckles, a black croc clutch, and rectangular sunglasses. Whether she goes for a feminine or rocker chic look, Sweeney proves there’s no wrong way to wear a black dress and shows her versatility in fashion choices.

Throughout her outings in New York, Sydney Sweeney has been experimenting with different styles and looks, showcasing her ability to put a unique spin on classic outfits. Whether in a sleek Versace minidress or a more edgy Khaite midi dress, she demonstrates her versatility in fashion choices. Styled by Molly Dickson, Sweeney’s outfits have ranged from retro-inspired to modern and edgy, showing her ability to adapt her style to different occasions and themes.

Sweeney’s outfits have effortlessly combined sophistication with a touch of edginess, embodying a modern and chic aesthetic. Her choice of accessories, such as pointy-toed boots, pumps, handbags, and sunglasses, have complemented her outfits and added an extra layer of style. By mixing and matching different pieces, Sweeney has been able to create diverse and dynamic looks that showcase her fashion sense and creativity.

Overall, Sydney Sweeney’s fashion choices in New York have highlighted her ability to put her own unique spin on classic outfits. Whether she’s channeling a retro vibe or opting for a more modern and edgy look, Sweeney showcases her versatility and creativity in styling. With the help of stylist Molly Dickson, Sweeney has been able to curate a range of outfits that highlight her figure and personality, demonstrating her keen eye for fashion and knack for pulling off various styles effortlessly.

By experimenting with different silhouettes, accessories, and styles, Sydney Sweeney is redefining the classic black dress and showing that there’s no wrong way to wear it. Her ability to blend sophistication with edginess, femininity with toughness, showcases her fashion versatility and creativity. Sweeney’s outfits in New York have become a source of inspiration for fans and fashion enthusiasts, proving that with the right styling and confidence, anyone can make a statement with a timeless black dress.

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