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The Republican Party of Minnesota has thrown their support behind Royce White, a former NBA player and Black Lives Matter protest leader who is now running as a GOP Senate candidate against Democrat Sen. Amy Klobuchar. White received 67% of the vote at the state party’s convention, earning an endorsement to challenge Klobuchar, who has been in the Senate for nearly two decades. White previously ran for the GOP nomination in the Fifth Congressional District, but lost in the primary election. He has made controversial statements in the past, including comments about his faith, Louis Farrakhan, and Israel’s relationship with the New World Order.

White’s campaign website lists four goals he hopes to achieve if elected: Term Limits, No Taxes (American jubilee), American Manufacturing, and Energy. However, the website does not explain how White plans to accomplish these goals. White’s past comments and controversial remarks have led to some backlash, with critics questioning his qualifications to represent Minnesota in the Senate. A Republican operative who attended the state convention expressed concerns that White’s nomination could hand Klobuchar an easy win in the general election.

Other Republican candidates, such as U.S. Navy veteran Joe Fraser, have criticized White’s nomination, suggesting that he may not be the best candidate to take on Klobuchar in the general election. Fraser’s campaign spokeswoman congratulated the Minnesota GOP on securing another term for Klobuchar and President Biden, suggesting that White’s nomination may not be in the best interest of the Republican Party. The state’s primary election is scheduled for August 13, with the winner facing off against Klobuchar in the general election on November 4.

White’s past leadership in Black Lives Matter protests and his transition to the Republican Party have raised questions about his candidacy and qualifications for the Senate. His controversial remarks about his faith, Israel, and support for Louis Farrakhan have drawn criticism from some Republicans and led to concerns about his potential impact on the race against Klobuchar. The Minnesota GOP’s decision to endorse White has sparked debate within the party, with some expressing doubts about his ability to win in the general election against Klobuchar.

Despite the controversy surrounding White’s nomination, the Minnesota GOP is standing behind their decision to endorse him as the Senate candidate to challenge Klobuchar in the upcoming election. White’s campaign goals have not been fully explained, leaving some voters and critics questioning his platform and vision for Minnesota. As the primary election approaches, White will have to navigate these challenges and concerns from within his own party as he seeks to unseat Klobuchar in the general election.

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