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Google is making strides to enhance Android and make it more like the iPhone in order to compete for users in the smartphone market. Recently, Google has been adding features that mirror those found on iPhones, such as enhancing security, including WhatsApp calls on its phone dialer, and adding Apple passes to its wallet. Now, Google has unveiled a new feature that not only matches an existing iPhone feature, but also surpasses it, beating Apple at its own game.

Google has introduced an emergency satellite service feature in its latest update, which allows Android to finally match the satellite SOS functionality that has been available on iPhones for a few years. This advancement in Android’s safety and security features is a significant step forward for its user base, providing a readymade Garmin rescue service as part of the plan.

One unique aspect of Google’s emergency satellite service feature is its ability to expand beyond just emergencies. With the latest Android 15 developer preview, users can potentially add a satellite add-on to their cellular accounts, enabling core messaging apps to utilize the satellite network for seamless connectivity even in cellular black spots. This marks a major improvement for Android users who may often find themselves lacking connectivity in certain areas.

Google has also expanded platform support for satellite connectivity by adding a new API that apps can utilize to detect when a device is connected to a satellite. Additionally, messaging apps like SMS/MMS/RCS can now use satellite connectivity for sending and receiving messages, further enhancing the overall user experience and functionality of Android devices. This development indicates that Google is moving ahead with plans to integrate satellite connectivity in partnership with networks like T-Mobile.

Furthermore, Google’s integration of its Gemini AI in the Messages app is another significant advancement for Android users. The chatbot UI functionality within the messaging platform allows users to engage Gemini directly, offering a range of features including code suggestions, extensions for Gmail, Flights, Maps, Workspace, and more. This new capability, which is already available in the latest beta release, demonstrates Google’s commitment to improving the user experience and positioning Android as a leading smartphone ecosystem.

Overall, Google’s recent updates and additions to Android have brought it closer to the iPhone in terms of features and capabilities. From the emergency satellite service feature to the integration of Gemini AI in messaging apps, Android users can expect enhanced functionality and convenience. As the competition between Android and iPhone intensifies, it is clear that Google is taking steps to lead the way with innovative features that set it apart in the smartphone market.

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