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Supporters of former President Trump gathered outside a New York City courtroom to rally in support of him as he faced criminal charges. Some supporters, including a Black New Yorker wearing a Trump hat, expressed their belief that Trump had done great things for them and that the trial was a form of “judicial lynching” to stop his momentum from winning the election. They dismissed the idea that the Biden administration is defending “Black America” and spoke out against politicians who say there is “no place for Trump in New York.”

One supporter wearing a “Gays for Trump” shirt called the trial a “judicial lynching” and expressed confidence that Trump would be found innocent, even if he were railroaded by the Democratic Marxist party. Another conservative activist and artist, Scott LoBaido, criticized the court for humiliating Trump, his supporters, and the judicial system itself. He unveiled a painting mocking actor Robert DeNiro, who had criticized Trump outside the courtroom the day before, and accused DeNiro of being out of touch with the struggles of everyday Americans.

Not all those gathered outside the courtroom had positive things to say about Trump, with one Black man expressing the belief that Trump had “released a spirit of delusion” and “division.” The jury in the case received their final instructions on Wednesday and deliberated on the 34 charges against Trump, including allegations that he improperly covered up an NDA agreement with Stormy Daniels. Trump pleaded not guilty to all charges and dismissed them as a political prosecution. The jury went home for the day on Wednesday and was set to resume deliberations the following morning.

Overall, the atmosphere outside the courtroom was charged with passionate support for Trump from his followers who believed he had done great things for them. They saw the trial as a politically motivated attack on Trump and were confident in his innocence, regardless of the outcome. Some criticized politicians and celebrities who spoke out against Trump, accusing them of being out of touch with the struggles of everyday Americans. Despite differing opinions among those gathered, the trial continued with the jury considering the evidence and arguments before them as they deliberated on Trump’s guilt.

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