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Subway has brought back its footlong cookie after a four-month absence due to high demand. The oversized chocolate chip cookie was part of Subway’s new Sidekick lineup, which also includes a Cinnabon churro and a soft pretzel. Since its initial launch in January, Subway has sold over 5 million cookies. The chain has been making efforts to keep up with its rivals by adding customization to its menu, promoting orders through its app, expanding its international presence, and introducing freshly sliced meats instead of pre-sliced cold cuts.

Paul Fabre, Subway’s senior vice president of culinary and innovation, stated that the footlong cookie received unprecedented demand since its debut in January. Subway worked quickly to increase the supply of the cookie in order to meet customer demand. The cookie is now available for purchase through Subway’s website, app, as well as third-party services like DoorDash and Uber Eats. Customers can also order the cookie in person at Subway locations.

Subway’s location count has been steadily decreasing, with over 400 restaurants in the US closing last year. This has led to Subway having its smallest number of US restaurants, 20,133, since 2005. The return of the footlong cookie is seen as a boost for Subway as it continues to navigate a challenging market. Subway’s footlong cookie, along with its other Sidekick offerings, is part of the chain’s turnaround plans to attract customers and remain competitive in the fast-food industry.

The introduction of the footlong cookie was met with enthusiasm from customers, leading to a surge in demand that prompted Subway to temporarily pull the product from many restaurants due to supply constraints. It has taken Subway several months to increase supply and make the cookie available for purchase again. The footlong cookie has become a popular item among Americans and has been a key factor in Subway’s efforts to revitalize its menu offerings and appeal to consumers.

Subway has undergone various changes in recent years, including adding customization options to its menu, enhancing its app ordering system, expanding internationally, and transitioning to freshly sliced meats. These changes are part of Subway’s strategy to remain relevant in a competitive industry and attract customers. The return of the footlong cookie is a sign of Subway’s commitment to meeting customer demand and staying innovative in its menu offerings.

Overall, Subway’s reintroduction of the footlong cookie is a significant move for the chain as it seeks to boost sales and attract customers. The cookie’s popularity has been a driving force behind Subway’s efforts to revamp its menu and keep up with competitors. The return of the footlong cookie, along with other changes to Subway’s menu offerings, reflects the chain’s ongoing commitment to adapting to consumer preferences and remaining competitive in the fast-food market.

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