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Lourdes McAgy, the CEO of Total Nutrition Technology, is a prominent figure in the consumer goods industry, serving both large corporations and small businesses. She advocates for gender equality in the workforce, highlighting the increasing number of women pursuing higher-paying positions and the importance of personal development in advancing as a woman in business. Despite progress, the glass ceiling still impedes women’s advancement, but efforts are being made to push through.

With women projected to make up nearly half of the labor force by 2032, career opportunities in traditionally male-dominated fields, like transportation, warehousing, and construction, are expanding for women. As a woman-owned business leader, McAgy is committed to creating opportunities for women within her company and mentoring them to climb the corporate ladder. She emphasizes the importance of determination, skills, experience, and know-how in a competitive environment.

As March marks Women’s History Month, McAgy shares four strategies for career advancement aimed at helping women leverage their talents effectively. These strategies include seeking out mentors and role models, investing in professional development, taking on leadership roles, and knowing oneself. By fostering mentorship relationships, pursuing continuous learning opportunities, demonstrating leadership qualities, and understanding oneself, women can position themselves for success in the business world.

Mentorship is highlighted as a crucial aspect of career development for women, offering valuable feedback, guidance, and encouragement. Women are encouraged to seek mentors within their communities, professional organizations, and online platforms like LinkedIn. Investing in professional development is also emphasized as an essential way to enhance skills and network with industry professionals, even if it means pursuing opportunities independently.

Taking on leadership roles is another key strategy for women to advance in their careers, demonstrating their desire for growth and contributing to the organization’s success. By actively pursuing leadership opportunities and understanding their motivations for doing so, women can create a strong network that supports their advancement. Knowing oneself, including understanding strengths, values, and personality traits, is essential for effective leadership and communication in the workplace.

In conclusion, McAgy emphasizes the importance of implementing these strategies to help women become a stronger presence in the business world. By setting clear goals, learning from others, and mentoring the next generation, women can continue to make strides towards closing the gender gap in leadership roles. The Forbes Business Council offers growth and networking opportunities for business owners and leaders, providing a platform for continued professional development and success.

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