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The Francis Scott Key Bridge in Baltimore was severely damaged when a cargo ship named the Dali collided with it, causing a section of the bridge to collapse. The 22 crew members from India aboard the ship have been left stranded on board since the incident. They are currently under investigation and are facing numerous questions from officials. The crew members are likely experiencing a great deal of pressure and responsibility for the accident. However, they have been commended for their swift mayday call that helped prevent further casualties.

As the ship remains stuck in the Port of Baltimore, the crew members are in a state of uncertainty. They are unable to continue their journey to Sri Lanka and are instead focused on maintaining the ship until it can be freed from the wreckage. The crew members are currently working tirelessly to keep the ship operable and are facing the intense scrutiny of the public eye. There is no clear timeline for when the ship will be removed from the debris, but efforts are being made to eventually swap out the crew and allow them to return home.

Despite the challenging circumstances, the crew members have access to ample supplies of food, water, and fuel to keep the generators running. While they are facing a prolonged period of being stuck at the port, they are being provided with essential resources to sustain themselves. The crew members are also receiving support from organizations such as the Baltimore International Seafarers’ Center and Apostleship of the Sea, who are working to provide emotional support and care packages to the crew.

Indian seafarers make up a significant portion of the global maritime workforce, with India serving as a major hub for crew members. Working on cargo ships is a demanding job that requires round-the-clock attention and no weekends off. Crew members perform various tasks such as maintenance, cooking, cleaning, and engine room operations. Despite the challenges, crew members also engage in leisure activities such as video games, workouts, and movie nights to help break up the monotony of their work routine.

The crew members on board the Dali are navigating uncertain waters as they await the next steps to be taken following the accident. Amid fears of potential repercussions on the maritime industry and international image, the crew is receiving support from various organizations and individuals in the port community. Efforts are being made to provide the crew members with the necessary care and support as they deal with the aftermath of the tragic incident. Despite the challenges they face, the crew members are reportedly doing well and are being assured that help is available for them during this difficult time.

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