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Vivek Ramasamy, a former Republican presidential candidate, has revealed that he has taken an activist stake in BuzzFeed, a media company that has been struggling. The news of Ramasamy’s investment caused the company’s stock to soar, gaining more than 25% on Wednesday. BuzzFeed’s stock had previously plummeted roughly 92% since its initial public offering in 2021, but it remains above its record low closing price of 67 cents per share. Ramaswamy’s filing stated that he believes the company’s securities are undervalued and represent an attractive investment opportunity. He also seeks a shift in the company’s strategy.

BuzzFeed, like many other digital publishers, has faced challenges in recent years due to a softening advertising market, sinking social media referral traffic, and the rise of artificial intelligence. The company has been making efforts to slash costs and improve profitability, such as selling off Complex Networks for $108.6 million after purchasing it for $300 million three years ago. BuzzFeed’s portfolio of brands includes HuffPost, Tasty, and the First We Feast brand, which houses its popular “Hot Ones” YouTube series. Last year, the company also had to shutter its Pulitzer Prize-winning digital news site as part of a broader move to reduce its headcount by 15%.

Ramasamy’s filing did not provide specific details on the shift in strategy that he seeks for BuzzFeed. However, the news of his investment has raised speculation about potential changes that could be implemented to help the company recover from its struggles. BuzzFeed did not immediately respond to requests for comment on the matter. Despite the challenges that the company has faced in recent years, Ramasamy’s involvement could signal a new direction for BuzzFeed and potentially help turn its fortunes around. The stock price surge following the news of his investment demonstrates investor optimism about the company’s future prospects.

Overall, BuzzFeed has faced difficulties typical of many digital publishers in a rapidly changing media landscape. The decline in advertising revenue and changes in how content is consumed have posed challenges for the company. In response, BuzzFeed has been making strategic moves such as selling off assets and cutting costs to improve its financial performance. Ramasamy’s involvement could bring about further changes and potentially create opportunities for the company to grow and adapt to the evolving media landscape. The future of BuzzFeed and the impact of Ramasamy’s investment will be closely watched by investors and industry observers as the company looks to navigate its way toward success in a challenging environment.

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