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Stephen Moyer and Anna Paquin, who famously played vampire and fairy lovers on True Blood, continue to enjoy working together. Moyer, who directed the new film A Bit of Light, adapted from Rebecca Callard’s screenplay, praised Paquin’s skills on set, noting their long history of working together. There is a strong collaboration between the two actors, with Paquin often understanding Moyer’s direction before he even finishes speaking.

The couple met on the set of True Blood and later got married and had twins. Moyer has previously directed Paquin in episodes of True Blood, as well as in the film The Parting Glass and episodes of her show Flack. Despite their busy schedules, working together leaves no downsides for the couple, as it allows their children to be with both of them on set. Moyer expressed his joy in having both his kids and Paquin with him on set, rather than being separated for work.

In A Bit of Light, Paquin plays a woman named Ella who is struggling to regain custody of her children while attempting to stay sober. Moyer praised Paquin’s performance in the film, emphasizing her ability to portray trauma and the lowest points of a character’s life. He found the aspect of the film where Ella’s life becomes mundane to be particularly interesting, as it is a narrative often overlooked in cinema.

The film A Bit of Light is set to open in theaters on April 5 and will also be available on demand and digitally the same day. Moyer highlighted Paquin’s portrayal of Ella in the movie, noting her ability to bring a unique quality to the character that is often not seen on screen. The couple’s seamless collaboration and mutual respect for each other’s work contribute to their successful partnership on and off-screen, with Moyer directing his wife in yet another project.

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