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Tidal Vision, a green chemistry company founded by a former Alaska fishing boat captain, is raising more investment to fuel growth. The company has developed a technology for turning discarded crab shells into a sustainable industrial chemical called chitosan. This material has a variety of applications, including water purification, food preservation, plant growth promotion, flame retardants, and use in pharmaceuticals and cosmetics. It offers a safe alternative to toxic chemicals, metals, petroleum products, and pesticides commonly used in industry. The company was recognized as a finalist in the Sustainable Innovation of the Year category at the GeekWire Awards.

Tidal Vision co-founder and CEO Craig Kasberg, who began his career as a commercial fisherman as a teen, was inspired to start the company after seeing the massive volume of bycatch discarded into the sea. He saw the potential to recycle waste crab shells into a high-value product. The company, based in Bellingham, Washington, now has a production site in South Carolina and plans to open a new facility in Texas. Last year, Tidal Vision acquired Clear Water Services, a business providing water cleaning devices and services, as an early customer for their cleaning chemicals.

The startup has 186 employees and has raised nearly $50 million in funding. Tidal Vision is the leading U.S. commercial producer of chitosan, which is also extracted from shrimp and lobster shells. The chitosan market was worth an estimated $3.5 billion last year and is projected to increase to $9.3 billion by 2033. While China is the largest chitosan producer globally, Kasberg noted that manufacturers there typically use a process that creates toxic waste. Tidal Vision’s zero-waste process provides a sustainable alternative to traditional chitosan production methods.

Tidal Vision’s technology not only helps to solve the problem of disposing of crab shells but also contributes to environmental sustainability by displacing non-biodegradable toxins and heavy metals commonly used in industry. The company’s chitosan is used in various industries as a safe and eco-friendly alternative to harmful chemicals. With the potential for significant growth in the chitosan market, Tidal Vision is well-positioned to continue expanding its manufacturing capabilities and increasing its market share. By transforming waste into valuable products, Tidal Vision is setting an example for sustainable innovation in the industry.

The company’s success demonstrates the potential for environmentally friendly solutions to address waste management and chemical production challenges. By repurposing waste materials into high-value products, Tidal Vision is not only reducing landfill waste but also contributing to the circular economy. With a focus on sustainability and innovation, Tidal Vision is making a positive impact in the industry and paving the way for more companies to adopt similar eco-friendly practices. As the market for sustainable products continues to grow, companies like Tidal Vision are leading the way in revolutionizing traditional manufacturing processes.

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