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The When Calls the Heart star, Mamie Laverock, is currently on life support after falling off a five-story balcony on May 26. In response to this tragic event, Mamie’s castmates have come together to show their support and rally around her during this difficult time. Erin Krakow, one of Mamie’s co-stars, shared a screenshot of the GoFundMe page created by Mamie’s parents to help with her medical expenses, encouraging others to donate if they are able to do so.

Johannah Newmarch, who plays Mamie’s onscreen mother in When Calls the Heart, expressed her love for Mamie and her family on social media, acknowledging the heartbreaking situation they are going through. Andrea Brooks also shared her support for Mamie, calling the news “heartbreaking” for the entire WCTH family and sending prayers their way. Gracyn Shinyei and Ava Grace Cooper, fellow actresses on the show, shared messages of love and support for Mamie’s family as well.

Kadence Roach, another young actress on When Calls the Heart, posted photos of her and Mamie as children on the show, expressing her sadness for Mamie and her family and urging others to donate to the GoFundMe page if possible. The outpouring of love and support from Mamie’s castmates highlights the strong bond they share as a TV family and the impact Mamie has had on them personally. It is a difficult time for everyone involved, but the unity and compassion shown by the WCTH cast demonstrate the strength of their relationships both on and off-screen.

The GoFundMe page set up by Mamie’s parents, Rob and Nicole Compton, serves as a way for fans and supporters to help with her medical expenses and show their love for her during this challenging time. Mamie’s castmates are using their platform to raise awareness about the fundraiser and encourage others to contribute if they are able to do so. By coming together as a community, they are able to provide support and comfort to Mamie and her family as they navigate this difficult situation.

The response from Mamie’s castmates reflects the close-knit and supportive nature of the When Calls the Heart family, who are staying by her side and offering their love and prayers for her recovery. The messages of encouragement and solidarity shared on social media demonstrate the impact Mamie has had on her colleagues and highlight the importance of coming together in times of need. As Mamie continues to fight for her health, her WCTH co-stars are standing united in their support for her and her family, showing that they are there for each other through thick and thin.

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