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A violent storm hit southern Texas on Thursday night, leaving nearly 1 million residents without power. The storm, which also affected parts of Louisiana, caused significant damage with winds over 100 mph and widespread rainfall expected. Houston was particularly hard hit, with over 900,000 residents without power and reports of at least four deaths. The storm caused destruction in downtown Houston, with blown-out windows and debris littering the streets.

Texas Governor Greg Abbott, known for his criticism of President Joe Biden, requested a Presidential Disaster Declaration for areas of the state affected by severe weather last month. Abbott highlighted the need for assistance to help communities rebuild and recover from the damage caused by the storms. The disaster declaration would provide critical financial assistance for various recovery efforts, including temporary housing, home repairs, and infrastructure reconstruction. The storm’s impact is expected to extend to Louisiana and Mississippi, with an increased flood risk as far east as Florida over the weekend.

The storm had a significant impact on Houston, with reports of widespread power outages, damage to buildings, and several fatalities. The National Weather Service warned of continued rainfall and potential flooding in the affected areas. The Houston mayor’s office reported at least four deaths as a result of the storm, with the circumstances surrounding the fatalities yet to be determined. In addition to the immediate damage caused by the storm, the ongoing recovery efforts will require comprehensive support from local, state, and federal agencies to address the extensive destruction.

Meteorologist Eric Burris described the storm moving through Houston as “destructive,” with radar indicating strong winds and heavy rainfall. Reports of blown-out windows, debris on the streets, and buildings damaged underscored the severity of the storm’s impact on the city. The Houston mayor’s office urged residents to exercise caution and take necessary precautions to ensure their safety in the aftermath of the storm. Delayed flights were reported at Houston’s Bush Intercontinental Airport, prompting travelers to check with their airlines for the latest updates on their flights.

As the storm moves eastward towards Louisiana and Mississippi, the potential for further damage and flooding remains a concern. AccuWeather warned of an increased flood risk as the storm system continues to move across the region. The need for comprehensive recovery efforts and assistance for affected communities is paramount to rebuilding and restoring normalcy in the aftermath of the destructive storm. With the potential for continued severe weather in the coming days, residents are urged to stay informed, take necessary precautions, and support each other in the recovery process.

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