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David Robinson made significant life changes after the September 11, 2001, terrorist attacks, selling his trucking business to join the Army and serve two tours in Afghanistan. Following his retirement from the Army, he opened a business in his hometown of Columbia, South Carolina. However, his life took another turn when his son, a geologist, disappeared without a trace from a site in Arizona. This led Robinson on a search for his son and into the world of missing persons advocacy.

Robinson found himself constantly in search of answers regarding his son’s disappearance and connecting with other families who were also searching for their missing loved ones. He discovered challenges in the way missing persons cases are investigated, particularly concerning access to phone records from telecommunications companies. Robinson aimed to bring attention to these issues and propose legislative changes that would make data more readily available to families or law enforcement in cases involving missing persons.

In addition to his work on missing persons cases, Robinson’s congressional campaign platform includes a wide range of issues, from improving education in his district to addressing the cost of prescription drugs, abortion, and climate change. His journey into politics was prompted by a desire to bring awareness to the challenges faced by families of missing persons and to push for legislative changes that would aid in their search for answers.

The disappearance of Robinson’s son, a geologist in Arizona, in June 2021 remains unsolved despite extensive investigative efforts by the police. A rancher discovered Robinson’s wrecked vehicle in a ravine with no sign of the missing geologist. The case has garnered significant media attention and has presented numerous challenges in terms of investigating a disappearance where foul play is not immediately evident.

Robinson faces an uphill battle in his campaign for Congress, running as a Democrat in a district that has consistently elected a Republican representative since 1965. His opponent, Rep. Joe Wilson, an Army veteran like Robinson, has held the seat since 2001. Both candidates will face off in their parties’ primary elections scheduled for June 11, highlighting the challenges Robinson must overcome to win the seat and advocate for the causes he is passionate about.

David Robinson’s journey from military service to missing persons advocacy and a congressional campaign is driven by a deep personal commitment to finding answers for families of missing persons and addressing the systemic issues that hinder investigations in such cases. His experience navigating the complexities of his son’s disappearance has propelled him into the realm of politics, where he hopes to effect change and provide a voice for those who are searching for answers to the unexplained disappearances of their loved ones.

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