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Sonoma Biotherapeutics recently opened a new research and development center and office space on Seattle’s waterfront. The biotech company, which focuses on treating autoimmune and inflammatory diseases using regulatory T cells, has taken over three floors in a building formerly occupied by F5, totaling 83,000 square feet. The new lab space can accommodate roughly 65 scientists working on early-stage research, with equipment such as research benches, incubators, centrifuges, fume hoods, and microscopes, in addition to freezers and devices for analyzing cells.

The new center was designed with flexibility in mind, with moveable lab benches and clustered electrical outlets in the ceiling to accommodate new devices. Construction of the center began in 2022, with the team moving in after completion. The company’s move comes at a time when vacancy rates for life science spaces have been rising in Western Washington, with rates in Seattle reaching between 13% and 17% by the end of last year. Sonoma has already begun recruiting patients for two clinical trials targeting rheumatoid arthritis and acne inversus.

The building’s fourth floor is not part of Sonoma’s current lease and remains unoccupied. The company has previously announced a partnership with Regeneron to co-develop cell therapies for certain inflammatory conditions, receiving upfront and potential milestone payments. Sonoma has also raised significant funding through venture capital. With over 130 employees split between its Seattle and South San Francisco locations, the company is focused on advancing its research and clinical trials to develop innovative treatments for autoimmune and inflammatory diseases.

The new center includes shared workspace with desks, glass-walled conference rooms, and offices for employees and executives visiting from California. The company plans to use the remaining two floors of the building for manufacturing and to support manufacturing, but the timeline for this build-out has not been established. Located near Expedia Group’s campus and F5 Tower in Seattle, Sonoma’s new space boasts views of Puget Sound and provides a bright, open environment for its research team to collaborate and innovate.

Sonoma Biotherapeutics is focused on using regulatory T cells to protect against autoimmune and inflammatory diseases. The company’s research team is working on developing treatments that target conditions where the immune system over-responds and attacks the wrong cells. With a strong focus on early-stage research that precedes clinical trials, Sonoma’s new R&D center in Seattle provides a state-of-the-art facility for its scientists to conduct innovative research and move closer to finding potential treatments for these complex diseases.

With a dedicated team of over 130 employees split between its Seattle and South San Francisco locations, Sonoma Biotherapeutics is at the forefront of biotech research and development. The company’s recent expansion into the new center in Seattle’s waterfront area marks an important milestone in its efforts to advance treatments for autoimmune and inflammatory conditions. Through partnerships, funding, and ongoing clinical trials, Sonoma is making significant strides in its mission to develop novel therapies that leverage groundbreaking scientific advancements to improve patient outcomes in the realm of autoimmune and inflammatory diseases.

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