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In the summer, I tend to wear little or no makeup, using the sun as a form of makeup. However, protecting the skin from the sun is important, and I love using L’Oréal’s Bright Reveal SPF 50. It is light, not oily, and works well under makeup. I always make sure to wear it, whether I’m attending an event or just going about my day. After Cannes, I plan to take a break in the sun and will definitely pack my SPF 50 to protect my skin.

To keep her hair glossy, she tries to use minimal heat and eats a healthy diet rich in protein. She also uses L’Oréal’s Elvive to keep her hair feeling hydrated and looking shiny. She sometimes applies it in the sauna for added benefits. She believes that diet is a major factor in maintaining healthy hair and always prioritizes eating nutrient-rich foods to support her hair health.

When heading to the beach, she always makes sure to pack her essentials, including a book, sunglasses, a layer for windy conditions, water, and some cash for ice cream. Ice cream is one of her favorite treats, and she enjoys a variety of flavors. She is always prepared for a beach day with everything she needs for a relaxing and enjoyable time in the sun.

Her favorite way to work out is through reformer Pilates and running. She swears by the benefits of Pilates and finds it to be a mindful and powerful exercise that connects her to her body. Working out regularly not only helps her stay physically fit but also boosts her mood and overall well-being. She especially enjoys the challenging workouts at Alo studios in the States.

During her plane beauty routine, she focuses on hydration by drinking lots of water and using sheet masks or face spray to keep her skin moisturized during flights. She prefers to keep her beauty routine simple while traveling, opting for minimal makeup and occasional under-eye patches to combat tiredness. She believes that staying hydrated is key to looking and feeling refreshed while on the go.

To combat jet lag, she has a unique approach of visiting a banya, an Eastern European sauna tradition, to reset her body clock and feel rejuvenated after long flights. She finds the sauna and ice bath combination helps her recover and refresh quickly, allowing her to maintain energy and focus for her busy schedule. By prioritizing self-care and unique methods of relaxation, she ensures she is always ready to take on new challenges and adventures.

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