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In season 8 of Summer House, Carl Radke and Lindsay Hubbard’s split was a focal point, with the signs of their relationship crumbling becoming apparent in the episodes. The breakup, confirmed in August 2023, left Lindsay feeling blindsided and humiliated after Carl called off their engagement. Lindsay alleged that Carl set up a breakup on camera with the producers, leaving her feeling manipulated and embarrassed. As the season unfolded, viewers saw the cracks in Carl and Lindsay’s relationship through various clues that hinted at its impending demise.

One of the early signs of trouble in Carl and Lindsay’s relationship was the tension over wedding planning during the season premiere. Lindsay expressed feeling overwhelmed planning their wedding alone and hoped for more help from Carl. Additionally, their frequent use of pet names like “babe” became a point of contention, with Lindsay becoming visibly upset when Carl joked about not using those terms anymore. Tensions reached a peak when Lindsay accused Carl of being “Cocaine Carl” after a night out.

As the season progressed, other housemates voiced concerns over the relationship, with Kyle Cooke having a heart-to-heart with Carl about Lindsay’s behavior. Lindsay also showed her frustration with Carl’s lack of a job, questioning his ambition and dedication. The lack of intimacy between the couple also became a talking point, with Lindsay revealing that their sex life was lacking and expressing concerns about Carl’s career choices.

Episodes highlighted the mismatch in Carl and Lindsay’s goals and values, with Lindsay questioning Carl’s ambition and Carl feeling pressured by Lindsay’s expectations. Lindsay expressed a desire for a partner who was ambitious and financially stable, leading to tension between the couple. Carl was caught between wanting to please Lindsay and feeling misunderstood in their relationship, with doubts and red flags surfacing on both sides about their future together.

In the season’s later episodes, communication breakdowns, work conflicts, and differences in life goals continued to plague Carl and Lindsay’s relationship. Lindsay felt unheard and unappreciated, questioning their future together. Carl’s struggle with meeting Lindsay’s expectations and feeling pressured to make a career change added to the strain. The couple’s disagreements culminated in a clash over staying in the Hamptons, with Carl leaving without taking Lindsay’s suitcase, adding to the existing tension and uncertainty.

Overall, season 8 of Summer House shed light on the cracks in Carl and Lindsay’s relationship, showing the signs of an impending breakup. As the season aired, viewers witnessed the challenges faced by the couple, from communication breakdowns to intimacy issues and differences in life goals. Despite their attempts to salvage their relationship, it became clear that the mismatch between Carl and Lindsay was too significant to overcome, ultimately leading to their breakup. Through various episodes, the struggles and red flags in their relationship were highlighted, paving the way for their eventual split.

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