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Ms Khoo, whose family was involved in the recent Singapore Airlines turbulence incident, has been busy shuttling between two hospitals where her relatives and friends are hospitalized. She has not inquired about compensation from the airline, as SIA has assured her that the hospital bills will be covered. Ms Khoo is uncertain about the duration of her family’s hospital stay in Bangkok and whether they will choose to continue treatment in Malaysia once they are stabilized.

During their Europe tour which ended in a hospital stay, Mr Khoo and his family members were on a trip to Europe, with stops in Switzerland, Germany, Netherlands, France, and the United Kingdom. While other members of the tour group returned home, the seven of them extended their trip to the UK. However, their return flight to Penang was disrupted by turbulence that resulted in injuries, and an emergency landing in Bangkok. Mr Khoo’s family members sustained neck and spine injuries, with one friend requiring surgery. Mr Khoo and his wife, who is pregnant with their second child, also suffered injuries and are due for surgery.

Ms Khoo expressed concerns about the long-term implications of the injuries sustained by her relatives and friends, especially regarding their ability to work. Some of them may require further treatment, like her brother who is unable to drive due to his injuries. One of their biggest worries was regarding her sister-in-law’s pregnancy, which they initially thought would have to be terminated for surgery but were later informed that it was not necessary.

Despite the hardships faced by her family, Ms Khoo expressed relief at being able to be with them in Bangkok and knowing that each one of them is okay. One Singaporean who was in the ICU at Samitivej Srinakarin Hospital has been discharged, while 34 patients of other nationalities remained hospitalized. A total of 61 passengers and two crew members from SQ321 are still in Bangkok for medical treatment, with their families being facilitated travel to Bangkok if requested by the airline.

Singapore Airlines is providing updates and support to all passengers and crew members affected by the incident. Customer care representatives have been assigned to offer assistance to each passenger during this difficult time, with the well-being of passengers and staff being the airline’s top priority. While the situation remains challenging, efforts are being made to ensure that those affected by the turbulence receive the necessary medical attention and support during their recovery process.

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