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The Dali, a large ship sailing under the Singaporean flag, encountered an unexpected obstacle on its journey to Sri Lanka when it collided with the Francis Scott Key Bridge less than 30 minutes after departing from the Baltimore port. The ship, which is nearly 1,000 feet long, was scheduled to reach its destination on April 22. Despite the collision, all crew members on board have been accounted for and there were two pilots guiding the ship at the time of the incident.

Owned by Grace Ocean Investment, the Dali had recently returned to the United States from Panama before departing for Sri Lanka. It had spent two days in the Baltimore port before setting off on its voyage. The ship was constructed in 2015 by Hyundai Heavy Industries in South Korea, and had been involved in a minor incident in the past when it hit a stone wall at the port of Antwerp. Although the ship sustained damage in that incident, no injuries were reported.

The collision with the Francis Scott Key Bridge adds to the existing history of incidents involving the Dali, raising concerns about the safety practices on board the ship. The impact of the collision is unknown at this time, but the incident is currently under investigation to determine the cause and assess the extent of the damage. The ship tracking website, VesselFinder, provided information about the ship’s intended route and schedule for the journey to Sri Lanka.

Despite the setback, the owners of the Dali have assured that all crew members are safe and accounted for following the collision with the Francis Scott Key Bridge. The two pilots on board were guiding the ship at the time of the incident, which occurred shortly after the ship departed from the Baltimore port. It remains to be seen how this incident will impact the timeline for the ship’s journey to Sri Lanka and what measures will be taken to ensure the safety of the crew and the ship in the future.

The fact that the Dali had recently returned from Panama and had spent time in the Baltimore port prior to the collision raises questions about the ship’s maintenance and inspection protocols. The ship’s history of incidents, including the collision in Antwerp, further highlights the need for thorough safety procedures and precautions to prevent future accidents. The investigation into the cause of the collision will likely address these concerns and provide insights into potential improvements that can be made to enhance the safety of the Dali and its crew.

Overall, the collision of the Dali with the Francis Scott Key Bridge highlights the risks and challenges involved in maritime transportation, as well as the importance of strict safety measures and protocols to protect both crew members and the vessels themselves. The incident serves as a reminder of the potential dangers faced by ships on their journeys across the world’s oceans, and underscores the need for continuous vigilance and precaution to prevent accidents and ensure the safe transportation of goods and people by sea.

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