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Selena Gomez was thrilled to learn that she had won the Best Actress Award at the Cannes Film Festival. She received a call from Zoe Saldaña who informed her that the women of Emilia Pérez had all been awarded the honor together. Gomez was having a picnic in Central Park with friends when she received the news, and expressed her excitement and gratitude on Instagram. The musical film, directed by Jacques Audiard, also won the Jury Prize at the closing ceremony, with Gascón still in France to accept the honor.

Barbie director Greta Gerwig, who served as the Cannes 2024 jury president, explained that the voters couldn’t single out one star from Emilia Pérez. The film follows the story of a drug lord seeking help for gender confirmation surgery. Gerwig described the film as one where all the actresses worked together as a unit, creating a sense of harmony that deserved to be recognized. Actress Lily Gladstone, another jury member, echoed this sentiment during the award presentation, stating that the actresses were stronger together rather than being singled out individually.

Gomez expressed her gratitude to Cannes and the film’s director, Jacques Audiard, for the opportunity to be a part of Emilia Pérez. She also shared how acting in Spanish was a big change for her, and although she felt she could have done better, she was grateful for the challenge and opportunity. Saldaña, whose first language is Spanish, praised Gomez for her hard work and performance in the film, noting that the language didn’t hinder her emotional delivery as a character.

The premiere of Emilia Pérez at the Cannes Film Festival was a memorable experience for Gomez and her costars. The film received a nine-minute standing ovation, leaving the cast in tears. Gomez expressed her love and admiration for her fellow cast members and the entire team behind the film on social media. The jury members at Cannes were impressed by the performances of the actresses in the film, which led to the decision to award Best Actress collectively to all four women.

Overall, the success of Emilia Pérez at the Cannes Film Festival marked a significant achievement for Selena Gomez and her costars. The film’s director, Jacques Audiard, and the jury members recognized the incredible work and dedication put into the project by the actresses. Gomez’s willingness to take on the challenge of acting in Spanish and her commitment to her role as Jessie in the film were praised by her co-star Zoe Saldaña. The recognition received at Cannes has solidified Emilia Pérez as a special and impactful project for all involved.

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