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Last week, a cargo ship struck the Francis Scott Key Bridge in Baltimore, Maryland, causing it to collapse. As a result, a new temporary channel has been opened to allow ships to pass through the area. The new channel is 14 feet in depth, while another temporary channel on the north side of the bridge is 11 feet deep. Governor Wes Moore mentioned that the center of the bridge is 50 feet deep, with large cargo ships typically requiring depths of at least 35 feet to maneuver safely.

Recovery efforts have been hampered by rough weather conditions, making it difficult to remove sections of the bridge from the Patapsco River. Despite attempts to remove a section on Monday, lightning in the area prevented cranes from operating, slowing down the recovery operations. Governor Moore emphasized the importance of safety during these operations, stating that lifting operations cannot be conducted in lightning due to safety concerns.

Crews have been working tirelessly to set up buoys in the rain to ensure that vessels can safely navigate the waterways. The Dali cargo ship collided with the bridge on March 26, resulting in the bridge’s collapse within seconds and tragically killing six construction workers. As of Tuesday, only two bodies have been recovered from the site. Governor Moore announced that the state will establish a scholarship for the families of transportation workers who lose their lives on the job.

In response to the tragedy, Governor Moore has also made it clear that conditions are currently deemed unsafe for rescue divers in the area of the collapsed bridge. With the center of the bridge being 50 feet deep and large cargo ships requiring depths of at least 35 feet, safety remains a top priority for recovery efforts. Despite challenges presented by the weather, crews are working diligently to ensure that recovery operations can proceed safely and effectively in the days ahead.

The Maryland Governor’s announcement regarding the establishment of a scholarship for the families of transportation workers who lose their lives on the job underscores the tragic toll of the bridge collapse. As recovery efforts continue, it is imperative that safety measures are strictly enforced to protect workers and facilitate the removal of debris from the river. The cooperation of various agencies and crews is crucial to ensuring that vessels can navigate the area safely and that recovery efforts can progress smoothly under challenging circumstances.

Efforts to recover additional bodies and remove debris from the collapsed bridge continue despite the challenging conditions posed by inclement weather. The tragic incident has prompted Governor Moore to take action in providing support to the families of the construction workers who lost their lives in the bridge collapse. As the investigation and recovery operations unfold, it is essential that safety remains a top priority to prevent further tragedies and ensure the successful removal of debris from the river.

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