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Rescue crews in Delaware County, Pennsylvania, resumed their search on Sunday morning for a 6-year-old girl who was swept away in Chester Creek on Saturday night. The incident occurred around 7 p.m. when three girls were playing near the creek and two of them slipped on mud and fell into the water. Although one girl was able to get out on her own, the 6-year-old girl remains missing and is believed to still be in the water.

Officials suspended the search on Saturday night after several hours of searching, but resumed their efforts on Sunday morning in the hopes of finding the young girl. The girl’s aunt, Tyeesha Reynolds, shared that her daughter had tried to hold on to the girl’s jacket but was unable to, leading to her being swept away into the creek. Members of the girl’s family also joined the search efforts, jumping into the water before rescue crews arrived.

The search for the missing 6-year-old girl was concentrated near 7th Street and the Avenue of the States in Chester, Delaware County. The director of Delaware County’s Department of Emergency Services, Tim Boyce, confirmed the location of the incident and emphasized the ongoing efforts to locate the girl. Crews were dedicated to the search and remained focused on finding the girl, despite the challenges posed by the swift currents of the creek.

As of Sunday morning, rescue crews were continuing their search for the missing girl in Chester Creek. The incident has raised concerns and heightened awareness about water safety, especially for young children playing near creeks and rivers. The girl’s family members, along with officials and rescue teams, remained determined to find her and bring the search to a positive resolution, emphasizing the importance of community support and efforts in times of crisis and emergencies.

The search for the 6-year-old girl in Delaware County highlighted the critical role of rescue crews and emergency services in responding to water-related incidents. The incident underscored the dangers posed by swift currents and unforeseen circumstances that can quickly turn a moment of play into a life-threatening situation. The collaborative efforts of officials, family members, and volunteers in the search efforts exemplified the community’s commitment to ensuring the safety and well-being of individuals in times of need.

Overall, the ongoing search for the missing girl in Chester Creek serves as a reminder of the importance of water safety and vigilance, particularly when engaging in outdoor activities near bodies of water. The incident also highlights the resilience and dedication of rescue crews and emergency services in their unwavering commitment to saving lives and bringing closure to families in distress. As the search continued, the community rallied together to support the search efforts and provide assistance in any way possible, demonstrating solidarity and compassion in times of crisis.

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