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This content discusses an incident involving rapper Sean “Diddy” Combs where federal agents intercepted his plane after raiding his Los Angeles and Miami homes. In the footage, Combs and his entourage are surrounded by law enforcement officials at Miami-Opa Locka Executive Airport. Combs is seen wearing a white t-shirt and blue pants during the encounter.

Following the interception of the plane, Combs’ friend Brendan Paul, 25, was arrested and booked on drug charges after federal agents allegedly discovered drugs suspected to be cocaine and marijuana edibles in Paul’s bag. The drugs found with Paul have not been linked to Combs, who was later spotted pacing outside the Customs office at the airport as the investigation continued.

Earlier in the day, law enforcement officers seized Combs’ phones and computers in both Los Angeles and Miami as part of a federal sex trafficking investigation. Combs’ sons Justin, 30, and King, 25, were briefly detained during the raids but were not arrested and are not believed to be connected to the probe. Similar raids were planned for New York and Chicago according to law enforcement sources.

Combs’ attorney Aaron Dyer criticized the use of “military-level force” by federal authorities during the searches of the rapper’s properties. Combs is reportedly being investigated for sex trafficking, allegations that his lawyer has condemned as a witch hunt. While Combs was questioned by authorities, he was not arrested or charged, and his travel was not restricted in any way.

The Homeland Security Investigations Human Trafficking Task Force conducted the raids based on a search warrant issued by the Southern District of New York. Combs seemed to disappear along with his private jet on Tuesday, adding more mystery to the situation. Despite the ongoing investigation and media attention, Combs has not been formally charged in connection with the alleged sex trafficking activities under scrutiny.

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