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$SCOTTY is not just another dog-related meme coin, but rather a token supporting an AI-powered blockchain security protocol that offers two unique offerings. Scotty Swap is an AI-powered token swap protocol that identifies threats and executes secure token swaps, while Chat With Scotty is an advanced chatbot focused on blockchain security. The AI-powered protocol recently got listed on the MEXC exchange following its listing on CoinGecko.

Beyond security, Scotty the AI is set to expand its offerings with the launch of a play-to-earn video game and a proprietary blockchain. The release date for the video game is yet to be confirmed, but the team hints at targeting a wide audience. The final phase of Scotty’s rollout will include the launch of the proprietary blockchain, showcasing its ambition to be more than just a crypto token project.

$SCOTTY is an ERC-20 token with a deflationary supply, ensuring wide accessibility and interoperability. With a total supply cap of 1,734,567,890, 50% went towards the ongoing presale, and 20% is allocated for staking over a three-year period. The token merges AI and blockchain analytics, providing real utility while decreasing its supply over time.

With a fixed supply, $SCOTTY aims to be a form of digital gold like Bitcoin but with added utility. No tokens are allocated to the team, and all liquidity keys are permanently burned to align project and community interests. Listings on centralized exchanges begin with MECX, with more exchanges expected to follow suit. Stay updated on Scotty the AI by connecting on Twitter and Telegram.

Scotty the AI aims to be more than just a token project by integrating AI and blockchain technology into its services. The AI-powered protocol offers secure token swaps and blockchain security through Chat With Scotty. The upcoming launch of a play-to-earn video game and a proprietary blockchain further demonstrate the project’s ambition and innovation.

Stay tuned for updates on $SCOTTY’s listings on centralized exchanges and upcoming developments, including the release of the play-to-earn video game and the proprietary blockchain. As a deflationary meme coin with real utility powered by AI and blockchain analytics, $SCOTTY aims to provide a unique and secure investment opportunity for its community. Connect with Scotty the AI on Twitter and Telegram to stay informed on the latest news and developments.

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