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Memorial Day is a great time to find big discounts on items that are already low-cost, with retailers like Amazon, Best Buy, and Walmart offering deals for under $25. From portable speakers to video games, there are a variety of products available at a discounted price. Deals may not last long after Memorial Day, so it’s best to shop quickly to take advantage of these offers.

Anker’s portable Bluetooth speaker is now available for just $20 on Amazon, with a 24-hour battery life and waterproof feature, making it ideal for outdoor adventures. Hydro Flask’s All Around travel tumbler is 25% off, equipped with a straw and designed to fit in standard cup holders for convenient sipping. The Magic Bullet mini blender is perfect for personal use, allowing for easy chopping, blending, and mixing of fruits, nuts, and veggies in single servings.

For health and fitness, the Calia flexibility band set offers three bands of different resistances for a full-body workout without bulky equipment. In the realm of toys and games, the 2023 remake of the game Dead Space is available for under $25, offering a thrilling survival horror adventure on modern consoles. These deals showcase a range of products across various categories that are available at a budget-friendly price point.

During Memorial Day sales, retailers offer discounts on TVs, furniture, and major appliances, with stores like Best Buy, Amazon, Walmart, Target, and Costco hosting special promotions. It’s possible to shop these sales online or in-store to score savings on a variety of items. CNET’s team of experts curates the best Memorial Day deals under $25 by focusing on genuine discounts, quality reviews, and the remaining sale time for each product, ensuring that customers can make informed purchasing decisions.

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