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The recent resignations of Miss USA and Miss Teen USA have brought new attention to the challenges facing the Miss Universe Organization, which has been plagued by leadership turmoil and financial struggles. The pageant industry as a whole has faced difficulties in maintaining relevance, with declining TV ratings and changing cultural norms. In recent years, the Miss Universe Organization has experienced multiple leadership changes, bankruptcy filings, and controversies that have rocked the organization.

Former Miss USA contestant Dani Walker, who now covers news and provides commentary on the pageant industry, has highlighted the cultural shift in pageantry in the United States. The focus has evolved from judging physical beauty to including public speaking skills, diversity, and advocacy. She noted that former Miss USA contestants have found success in entertainment and business after their pageant experiences. The current challenges facing the Miss Universe Organization have put the future of the pageants in doubt.

Financial issues have been a key factor in the recent turmoil within the organization. Former social media manager Claudia Michelle revealed that she went unpaid for two months and was told that the organization had no money to pay her. This lack of financial stability has led to multiple resignations by employees and titleholders, further adding to the organization’s challenges. Miss USA winner Noelia Voigt’s resignation letter also cited unprofessional and toxic behavior from CEO and president Laylah Rose as contributing to the organization’s problems.

Shanna Moakler, a former Miss USA and current state director in the organization, voiced her support for the resigning titleholders and acknowledged the turmoil within the Miss USA organization. She underscored the efforts being made by state directors to work behind the scenes to ensure the future of the organization they love. The recent controversies have led to calls for competitors and supporters within the pageant community to reconsider their involvement with Miss USA, with concerns about the organization’s stability and treatment of titleholders.

The Miss Universe Organization’s struggles reflect broader challenges within the pageant industry as a whole. The need to adapt to changing cultural norms, maintain relevance, and address financial issues has become increasingly apparent. The controversies surrounding the organization have raised questions about its leadership and future direction. Despite these challenges, former pageant contestants and industry insiders are working to address the issues within the organization and ensure a more stable and sustainable future for the pageants. The Miss Universe Organization will need to navigate these challenges to continue its legacy in the evolving landscape of beauty pageants.

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