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Italian activist Ilaria Salis, who had been held in a maximum-security prison in Budapest for over 15 months, was released on Thursday and placed under house arrest. Her release came after a Hungarian court upheld her appeal against pre-trial detention. Salis, a teacher from Italy, will now be monitored by an electronic bracelet in a flat in the Hungarian capital. It took some time to enforce the judges’ decision after a €40,000 bail payment.

Salis was originally arrested in February 2023 along with two German activists on charges of participating in the beating of three far-right militants and being part of a criminal association. Her lawyers are hopeful for her immediate transfer to Italy as required by European law. Efforts are being made to secure Ilaria’s release from Hungary and bring her back to her home country. After months of diplomatic tensions and protests over Salis’ detention, her case took a turn when she was nominated by the Left Green Alliance for the upcoming European elections in June. If elected, she could be released from house arrest.

Ilaria Salis’ father expressed relief that she could now be with her loved ones after months of separation. He hopes that her house arrest will be temporary and that she will soon be able to return to Italy. Salis has received widespread support from activists and human rights organizations who have been advocating for her release. Her case has sparked international attention and raised concerns about human rights abuses in Hungary. The decision to place her under house arrest is seen as a positive step towards resolving the issue.

The Italian teacher’s release has been viewed as a significant development in her case, with many hopeful that she will soon be able to return to Italy. Salis’ lawyers are working to ensure her transfer back to her home country, where she will await her trial. The upcoming European elections could also play a role in determining her future, as she has been nominated as a candidate. The outcome of the elections could determine whether she remains under house arrest or is able to resume her normal life.

The ongoing legal proceedings and diplomatic efforts surrounding Ilaria Salis’ case have drawn attention to issues of justice and human rights in Hungary. Her arrest and detention have been widely criticized, with many calling for her release and return to Italy. The resolution of her case will have implications for future cooperation between Italy and Hungary, as well as for the protection of activists and dissenting voices in Europe. The upcoming European elections will also be closely watched to see how they impact Salis’ situation.

In conclusion, the release of Ilaria Salis from a Hungarian prison and her subsequent placement under house arrest mark a turning point in her case. Her nomination for the European elections offers hope for her future, as she could potentially be released if elected. The support from her family, legal team, and activists has been crucial in advocating for her rights and ensuring her wellbeing during this challenging time. The outcome of her trial and the upcoming elections will determine her next steps and shed light on the broader issues of justice and human rights in Europe.

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