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Nearly four years after Naya Rivera’s tragic death, her son, Josey, and ex-husband, Ryan Dorsey, have found a heartfelt way to honor her on Mother’s Day. To pay tribute to Naya’s memory, they released butterflies while FaceTiming with her grandmother, a tradition they plan to continue in the future. For Josey, who has always loved butterflies, the gesture was both heartwarming and heartbreaking, as he wished his mother a “Happy Mother’s Day in heaven.”

Ryan shared images of the emotional moment on social media last year, capturing Josey’s smile as he released the butterflies. He described his son’s spirit as incredible and expressed his intention to make this butterfly release a tradition to honor Naya’s memory. Despite the ongoing grief both Ryan and Josey feel over Naya’s passing, the annual butterfly release has brought them comfort and a sense of connection to her.

The connection between Josey, Ryan, and Naya was strengthened by their shared love for butterflies, a passion that Josey had since he was little. Visits to the butterfly garden at the Natural History Museum in L.A. were a cherished memory for the family, making the butterfly release on Mother’s Day a meaningful way to honor Naya’s memory. For Ryan, the tradition has become a way to keep Naya’s spirit alive in their lives and create special memories with Josey.

In the face of the ongoing grief from losing Naya, Ryan and Josey have found solace in these annual tributes to her on Mother’s Day. The bittersweet moments of releasing butterflies in her honor serve as a reminder of her presence in their lives and the lasting impact she had on them. While Naya’s passing is still surreal for Ryan, the bonding experience of releasing butterflies with Josey has become a source of healing and comfort for them both.

The simple yet poignant ritual of releasing butterflies in Naya’s memory has become a cherished tradition for Ryan and Josey. The symbolism of butterflies as symbols of transformation, new beginnings, and hope resonates deeply with the family as they navigate life without Naya. By continuing this tradition year after year, Ryan and Josey are keeping Naya’s memory alive and honoring the love and joy she brought into their lives.

As they embark on another Mother’s Day without Naya, Ryan and Josey find strength in the enduring bond they share with her through the butterfly releases. Their annual tribute serves as a beautiful reminder of the love and connection that transcends loss and keeps Naya’s spirit alive in their hearts. By celebrating her life in this meaningful way, Ryan and Josey honor the legacy of a beloved mother and create lasting memories that will carry them through the years to come.

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