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Rudy Giuliani, a former lawyer to Donald Trump, criticized the way he was served an indictment related to Arizona’s fake electors case, stating it was not done stylishly. The 58-page indictment accuses 18 allies of acting as fake electors and conspiring to overturn Joe Biden’s win in Arizona. Giuliani, who will turn 80 on May 28, received the court summons as guests at his birthday party were finishing singing “Happy Birthday” to him. Despite the timing, his spokesperson mentioned he was unfazed by the situation.

Giuliani had been taunting Arizona Attorney General Kris Mayes with social media posts, claiming he had announced his location for 10 days in a row and yet had not been found. Mayes responded to Giuliani’s deleted post, stating that the final defendant had been served and that nobody is above the law. Following Trump’s loss in the 2020 election, Trump and Giuliani alleged widespread voter fraud without providing any evidence to support their claims. The indictment alleges that the defendants, including 11 fake GOP electors for Arizona, schemed to keep Trump in office against the will of Arizona voters.

The indictment in Arizona also accused the defendants of preventing the lawful transfer of the presidency, leading to a deprivation of Arizona voters’ right to have their votes counted. In a separate election case in Georgia, Trump, Giuliani and 17 other defendants faced indictments for allegedly conspiring to overturn the 2020 election results in the state. Both Trump and Giuliani pleaded not guilty in the Georgia case, demonstrating a pattern of legal challenges related to the 2020 election results.

Giuliani criticized the manner in which he was served the indictment, claiming it was not done stylishly. Despite the situation, his spokesperson mentioned that he remained unfazed and had enjoyed his birthday celebration with hundreds of people in Palm Beach, Florida. The indictment alleges that Giuliani and the other defendants worked to keep Trump in office against the will of Arizona voters by acting as fake electors and overturning the election results.

Following the receiving of the indictment, Giuliani has been vocal on social media in an attempt to challenge the Arizona authorities. He mentioned that he had been tweeting his location for ten days in a row, attempting to show that Arizona officials had difficulties finding him. Mayes responded to Giuliani’s social media posts by confirming that all defendants had been served and that nobody was above the law. The legal challenges and indictments faced by Giuliani and Trump are part of a broader pattern of disputes surrounding the 2020 election results in multiple states.

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