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Rich Paul, the agent of Bronny James, has stated that his client will not sign a two-way contract with an NBA team next season, ruling out the possibility of him playing in both the NBA and the G League. Bronny, the 19-year-old son of NBA superstar LeBron James, declared for the NBA Draft in April after being medically cleared following a health scare last July. His draft stock suggests he will be a second-round pick, with the Phoenix Suns reportedly set to hold a workout for him. Despite interest from several teams, Bronny is expected to only work out for a select few, including the Suns and the Los Angeles Lakers.

There has been speculation that LeBron James could potentially join a team that drafts his son, but Paul is focused on Bronny’s immediate future rather than any long-term plans involving his father. While Paul acknowledges that there will be some development needed for Bronny, he is prioritizing finding the right fit and opportunity for his client’s career. He emphasizes that he is not interested in any distractions or unrealistic expectations, instead preferring to focus on executing a strategic plan that aligns with Bronny’s best interests.

Teams that have expressed interest in drafting Bronny are aware of Paul’s stance on his client’s future and are prepared to work with him in developing a plan that ensures Bronny’s growth and success in the NBA. Paul is committed to ensuring that Bronny’s transition to the NBA is handled with care and professionalism, taking into account all necessary steps for his development as a young player in the league. While the possibility of playing alongside his father may be an enticing idea, Paul remains focused on the present and making decisions that will benefit Bronny’s career in the long run.

Bronny’s decision to forgo his sophomore collegiate season and enter the NBA Draft has opened up opportunities for him to showcase his talents on a bigger stage. With his draft stock indicating that he is likely to be a second-round pick, Bronny is in a position to make his mark in the NBA and establish himself as a promising young talent. While the prospect of playing with his father may be an exciting possibility, Paul is determined to ensure that Bronny’s career trajectory is guided by strategic planning and a focus on his growth and development as a player.

As the NBA Draft approaches, all eyes will be on Bronny James and the decisions that will shape his future in the league. With his agent, Rich Paul, at the helm, Bronny is poised to make a smooth transition to professional basketball and establish himself as a player to watch in the coming seasons. While the potential of playing alongside his father may be a tempting scenario for fans and observers, Paul’s focus remains on ensuring that Bronny’s career is guided by sound decision-making and strategic planning that maximizes his potential on the court. With a clear vision and a commitment to executing a well-thought-out plan, Bronny is on track to make his mark in the NBA and carve out a successful career for himself in the years to come.

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