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Presidential candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr. has listed his voting address as 84 Croton Lake Road in Katonah, Westchester County, even though he is not the owner of the property and some neighbors and local authorities have denied his residency there. Voting records show that RFK Jr. has voted in multiple elections using this address, including in 2020 through mail-in voting during the COVID-19 pandemic. The property is actually owned by Barbara Moss, the wife of RFK Jr.’s longtime friend Timothy Haydock, against whom a foreclosure action has been filed for non-payment.

Doug Kennedy, the candidate’s brother, confirmed that RFK Jr. has lived on and off at the Croton Lake Road property with his friends Tim and Barbara for quite some time. Kennedy’s campaign has declined to comment on the situation, as has Moss. Neighbors in the upscale suburban area were surprised to learn that RFK Jr. had been listed as a neighbor in voting records, as they have always known the property to be owned by Moss and Haydock. Some neighbors expressed amusement at the idea of Kennedy living there, as they had never actually seen him in the neighborhood.

Despite claiming the Croton Lake Road address for voting purposes, RFK Jr. has other listed addresses in Los Angeles and Foxboro, Massachusetts. He had previously resided at addresses on North and South Bedford roads in Mount Kisco, Westchester County, from the mid-1990s to 2014. The US Bank Trust Company filed a foreclosure action against Moss for non-payment of $46,106 plus interest, and a settlement conference is scheduled for June. RFK Jr. and his campaign have not responded to requests for comment, while Moss has also not made any public statements on the matter.

RFK Jr. had the same address listed as his domicile on presidential nomination petitions filed in New Hampshire, further solidifying the claim of residency at the Croton Lake Road property. The upscale two-story farm-style house with a manicured lawn and blue shutters appeared unoccupied when reporters visited the property, with a package addressed to Moss left at the front. Despite claims by Kennedy’s brother that he had lived there with Tim and Barbara for a number of years, neighbors on the block said they had never seen him and were surprised to learn of his alleged residency.

Prior to the issues with the Croton Lake Road property, RFK Jr. had resided at other addresses in Westchester County, Los Angeles, and Massachusetts. The property, which was mortgaged by Moss in 1991, is now facing foreclosure due to non-payment of debts. Despite Kennedy’s claims of residency for voting purposes, neighbors and local authorities have denied his presence at the property, which has led to confusion and surprise in the community. The situation remains unresolved as a settlement conference is scheduled to take place in June, with RFK Jr. and Moss both remaining silent on the matter.

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