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A key adviser to Robert F. Kennedy Jr.’s presidential campaign, Angela Stanton King, who played a large role in shaping his positions on abortion and criminal justice, has decided to step away from the campaign. In a social media post, Stanton King expressed that the increasingly hateful and divisive political atmosphere no longer aligns with her values, and she plans to focus on nonprofit work supporting pregnant women and returning citizens. Despite stepping down from her official role in the campaign, she intends to informally advise Kennedy on select issues.

Stanton King’s departure from the campaign comes after the Kennedy campaign faced backlash for shifting its position on abortion access multiple times. Kennedy initially stated his opposition to government limits on abortion, even supporting legal abortion up to full term. This drew criticism from Stanton King, a former Republican and Trump supporter, who publicly expressed her disagreement with Kennedy’s comments. After Kennedy walked back his statements and clarified his position on restricting abortion in the final months of pregnancy, the campaign continued to face questions and debate about its stance on abortion access.

In a podcast interview, Kennedy’s running mate Nicole Shanahan stated that the campaign supports federal limits restricting abortion access between 15 and 18 weeks, while campaign spokesperson Stefanie Spear clarified that Kennedy’s position supports restrictions at fetal viability, typically around 23-24 weeks. Spear emphasized that Kennedy’s and Shanahan’s views may differ slightly, but both align with the national consensus of no restrictions up to a certain point and restrictions thereafter. The campaign’s evolving stance on abortion has led to confusion and debate among supporters and critics.

Stanton King also played a key role in introducing Shanahan onto the campaign trail and helping her connect with voters on important issues, such as abortion and criminal justice. At a campaign event in Houston, Shanahan praised Stanton King’s fierce dedication to protecting mothers and children in her community, highlighting their shared commitment to pro-life principles. While Stanton King’s departure may signal a shift in the campaign’s direction, she has left a lasting impact on Kennedy’s positions and approach to key issues, even as the campaign continues to navigate controversies and challenges.

As the Kennedy campaign continues to face scrutiny and criticism over its positions on abortion access and other key issues, Stanton King’s decision to step away from the political theater reflects a broader trend of individuals reevaluating their involvement in divisive and contentious politics. By focusing on nonprofit work and supporting marginalized communities, Stanton King aims to make a tangible difference where it is needed most, shifting her focus from the divisive political landscape to more direct and impactful efforts. Her departure may prompt further reflection within the campaign and among voters about the importance of values, principles, and effective policy solutions in the midst of heated political debates.

Overall, Stanton King’s departure from the Kennedy campaign highlights the complexities and challenges of navigating polarizing issues like abortion within the political landscape. As candidates and campaigns seek to appeal to a diverse range of voters while staying true to their values, they must carefully consider the implications of their positions and the impact on their supporters and critics. Stanton King’s decision to step away and focus on community-based work underscores the importance of engaging with issues on a personal level and pursuing solutions that address the needs of vulnerable populations. In this changing political environment, individuals and campaigns alike may need to adapt and evolve their approaches to effectively address the pressing challenges facing society.

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