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Both Govee Floor Lamp Pro and Floor Lamp 2 offer unique lighting options for your home outside of traditional styles. Both lamps use an RGBICWW LED strip for excellent colors and whites. The technology used allows for better color representation and brightness, with the Floor Lamp Pro being taller and brighter than the Floor Lamp 2. The Floor Lamp 2 has a glossy plastic base and only comes in black, while the Floor Lamp Pro has a fabric-covered base and offers more color options.

The Floor Lamp Pro includes a Bluetooth speaker in the base, adding an extra feature to the lamp. The speaker can play audio from your phone and offers preset white noise sounds like rain and nature. Both lamps are well-built and minimalist in design, fitting in with most rooms. The illuminated bases on both lamps add flair and can be controlled independently from the main lights using the Govee companion app.

The Govee app allows for customization of the lamps with over 80 preset scenes to choose from. These scenes provide vibrant color changes and motion effects, with some reacting to music using the lamp’s base microphone or your phone’s microphone. Both lamps integrate with Alexa and Google Assistant for voice control, with the Floor Lamp 2 also being Matter-ready. The lamps can also be controlled using a motion sensor or set to power on and off automatically at designated times.

If you are looking to add unique ambiance and lighting to your home with a less traditional-style fixture, both Govee Floor Lamp Pro and Floor Lamp 2 are great options. The upgraded LED strips in both lamps provide better color reproduction and brightness, with the new lamp base bringing improved styling. The Bluetooth speaker in the Floor Lamp Pro adds a fun feature, but may not be a significant selling point for all users. Overall, both lamps offer excellent lighting options and would be a great choice for illuminating your home.

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