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The Casper Dream Hybrid mattress is a medium-firm option that should work well for most sleepers. It has a hybrid construction with a layer of memory foam and coils, providing a responsive and accommodating overall feel. While not ideal for those seeking specialized firmness or a memory foam mattress, it offers a comfortable and supportive sleep surface. The mattress has four layers, including a layer of “Casper Core” support foam, individually wrapped pocketed coils, Align Memory Foam, and Breathe Flex Foam. It features a zoned support design with firmer center sections for better spinal alignment.

The Dream Hybrid has a medium firmness level that is suitable for all sleeper types, including back, stomach, side, and combination sleepers. The zoned support design helps maintain spinal alignment and may alleviate back pain. The mattress has solid edge support due to the reinforced perimeter with support foam and encased coils. Motion isolation is average, with the pocketed coils providing better isolation than traditional innersprings. The temperature regulation is solid, with the open-cell design of the Breathe Flex Foam and the breathability of the coils keeping the mattress temperature neutral.

In terms of pricing, the Casper Dream Hybrid is competitively priced compared to other hybrid mattresses on the market. It is the second most affordable mattress in the new Casper lineup, making it a cost-effective choice for those looking for a hybrid bed. The mattress comes with free shipping, a 100-night trial period, free returns, and a 10-year warranty. Overall, the Casper Dream Hybrid provides a comfortable and supportive sleep surface with its soft, neutral feel, zoned support design, and solid edge support. It is a good option for those seeking a generally comfortable bed with coils for support.

The Casper Dream Hybrid is part of the new Casper mattress lineup, which includes other models like the Casper Snow Hybrid and the Casper One Foam. Each mattress in the lineup offers different features and benefits to cater to various sleeper preferences. The Dream Hybrid is a versatile option suitable for combination sleepers, those seeking a responsive feel, and individuals looking for a mattress with coils for support. While it may not be ideal for those seeking a specialized firmness profile or a classic memory foam feel, the Dream Hybrid offers a comfortable and accommodating sleep experience.

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