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The cryptocurrency market is currently experiencing a bearish trend, causing confusion among investors who are unsure where to invest their money. While smaller currencies like Shiba Inu and PEPE coin have seen a significant decline in value, Bitgert’s BRISE coin has managed to perform relatively well. Bitgert’s BRISE coin is part of the Bitgert network, a layer 1 blockchain solution that aims to modernize decentralized finance. With over 600k community members and more than 25M transactions, Bitgert has become a promising choice in the market.

Unlike Shiba Inu and PEPE coin, Bitgert’s BRISE coin utilizes the PoA consensus mechanism, making transactions more efficient. It also supports projects hosted on the network and transactions occurring within it. Market indicators such as RSI score and MACD value show buying pressure among investors for Bitgert’s BRISE coin. Additionally, the trading volume of Bitgert’s BRISE coin is increasing, and the weekly moving average indicates a buy signal for investors, making it a favorable option compared to the other two currencies.

Shiba Inu, which started off with hype and expectations of being a meme currency killer, has now become a meme coin itself. While it does support smart contracts and is accepted as payment at certain businesses, its lack of utilities has led to a decline in trust among investors. Market indicators for Shiba Inu, such as RSI score and trading volume, suggest a strong sell signal, indicating that it may not be a wise investment choice at the moment.

PEPE coin, based on the Ethereum network, has gained trust in the community due to its peer-to-peer transactions, payment options, and redistribution system. However, similar to Shiba Inu, PEPE coin’s market performance has not been favorable. Market indicators like RSI score and moving averages point towards a selling signal for PEPE coin, suggesting that it may not be the best investment option currently. Overall, Bitgert’s BRISE coin seems to be the preferred choice among investors compared to Shiba Inu and PEPE coin.

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