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In response to the attacks, Anyscale has begun working on a new feature to warn users if their Ray systems are accessible on the open internet. They have stated that it is the user’s responsibility to configure Ray safely and have pointed to their guidelines that strongly advise against exposing Ray clusters to untrusted network traffic.

The hackers were able to exploit the open servers long before Anyscale was warned about the vulnerability. Some of the compromised machines had been compromised for over a year, according to Oligo researchers. This raises concerns about the potential length of time that companies may have been unknowingly exposed to these attacks.

Security experts have expressed concerns about the potential for attackers to access AI workloads and alter models to carry out malicious actions. However, these recent attacks demonstrate that the risk is not just theoretical – it is happening in real-world scenarios. The compromised machines can result in the compromise of multiple machines, allowing attackers to do significant damage.

Researchers who previously warned Anyscale about the vulnerability have expressed disappointment that the company initially disputed the issue. They believe that deploying basic API security patterns would go a long way in protecting users and hope that Anyscale will reconsider their stance on the underlying security issue. It is essential for companies to take proactive steps to secure their AI systems and prevent them from being targeted by malicious actors.

The attacks targeting Ray servers highlight the importance of cybersecurity measures in protecting AI infrastructure from exploitation. Companies must ensure that their AI systems are properly secured and follow best practices to prevent unauthorized access and potential breaches. By being proactive and implementing robust security measures, businesses can reduce the risk of falling victim to cyberattacks targeting AI models and applications.

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