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Republicans are criticizing President Joe Biden for proclaiming Easter Sunday as the Transgender Day of Visibility, even though the two days coincided by chance this year. The Transgender Day of Visibility, established in 2009, celebrates the successes of transgender and gender-nonconforming individuals on March 31 each year, while the date of Easter changes annually. Despite this, Republicans seized on Biden’s proclamation to attack the president, with some calling it appalling and insulting. House Speaker Mike Johnson accused the Biden administration of betraying the central tenet of Easter, prompting backlash from the White House.

In response to the criticism, White House spokesperson Andrew Bates defended Biden’s proclamation by highlighting his commitment to bringing people together and upholding the dignity and freedoms of all Americans. Bates denounced the divisive and hateful rhetoric used by politicians to attack the president, stating that Biden would never exploit his faith for political gain. Biden’s proclamation for the Transgender Day of Visibility praised the courage and contributions of transgender Americans, emphasizing their right to be themselves and enjoy the same freedoms as everyone else. The president also criticized Republican efforts to limit protections for transgender individuals, calling them acts of bullying and discrimination.

Since taking office, Biden has consistently recognized the Transgender Day of Visibility with official proclamations, including this year’s statement honoring transgender Americans. The national debate on transgender rights has become increasingly heated, with Republican lawmakers pushing for laws that restrict gender-affirming care for minors and bar transgender women from participating in women’s sports teams. Former President Donald Trump has promised to ban men from women’s sports, aligning with the anti-LGBTQ efforts seen in various states. Despite the backlash, Biden has remained steadfast in his support for transgender rights and equality.

The clash between Republicans and Biden over the Transgender Day of Visibility reflects the broader societal divide on transgender rights and acceptance. With conservative lawmakers pushing for restrictive legislation and the former president championing anti-transgender rhetoric, the issue has become a focal point in the ongoing culture wars. Biden’s unwavering support for transgender Americans and his efforts to advance their rights signal a stark contrast to the Republican stance, setting the stage for continued tensions and debates in the political landscape. As the debate rages on, the fight for equality and acceptance for transgender individuals remains a critical issue in the ongoing struggle for civil rights and social justice.

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