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The mystery surrounding Ippei Mizuhara, former interpreter for Los Angeles Dodgers superstar Shohei Ohtani, deepened after he allegedly stole $4.5 million from Ohtani to cover his gambling losses. MLB has announced plans to open an investigation into the allegations against Mizuhara, who was recently let go by the Dodgers. Mizuhara had previously worked as Ohtani’s interpreter with the Los Angeles Angels from 2018 to 2023. However, questions have surfaced about Mizuhara’s past, including discrepancies in his claimed graduation from the University of California-Riverside in 2007 as reported by NBC Sports and The Athletic.

Prior to his time with Ohtani, Mizuhara worked as an English-Japanese interpreter for Hideki Okajima with the Boston Red Sox in 2010, according to various reports. However, the Red Sox disputed this claim, stating that Mizuhara was never employed by the team in any capacity. The IRS has also launched an investigation into Mizuhara, adding to the growing speculation surrounding the case between Mizuhara and Ohtani. Initially, Mizuhara claimed that Ohtani was aware of and covering his gambling debts, but Ohtani’s attorneys later retracted this statement, asserting that the $4.5 million was stolen.

The Dodgers have responded to the allegations by stating that they are “gathering information” and have terminated Mizuhara’s employment. Mizuhara denied betting on baseball and clarified that his bets were placed on international soccer, NBA, and NFL games. Despite the ongoing investigations and controversy, Ohtani remains on the Dodgers’ roster as Opening Day approaches later this week. The Associated Press has contributed to reporting on this developing story, and fans can follow Fox News Digital’s sports coverage for updates.

As the scandal involving Ippei Mizuhara and Shohei Ohtani continues to unfold, the baseball world is abuzz with speculation and intrigue. With MLB launching a formal investigation into the matter and the IRS also looking into Mizuhara, details are slowly emerging about the alleged theft of $4.5 million. Mizuhara’s past has come into question, with discrepancies in his educational background and conflicting reports about his previous work with the Boston Red Sox. Ohtani’s attorneys have refuted claims made by Mizuhara, leading to further confusion and uncertainty about what truly transpired between the interpreter and the star player.

The Dodgers’ decision to terminate Mizuhara’s employment reflects the seriousness of the allegations and their commitment to addressing the situation. Despite Mizuhara’s denial of betting on baseball and assertions that his gambling activities were focused on other sports, the investigations by MLB and the IRS suggest a deeper issue at play. Ohtani’s standing on the team remains unchanged for now, with the focus shifting to the unfolding legal and ethical implications of the scandal. Fans and observers are eagerly awaiting updates on the case as more information comes to light, shedding further light on the complex and troubling situation involving Mizuhara and Ohtani.

In the midst of the controversy, questions remain about the timeline of events and the motivations behind Mizuhara’s alleged actions. As conflicting accounts emerge and investigations progress, the implications for both Mizuhara and Ohtani could be significant. The involvement of multiple authorities and the seriousness of the accusations raise concerns about the integrity of the sport and the trust between players, team personnel, and interpreters. The fallout from the scandal has the potential to impact not only the individuals directly involved but also the broader dynamics within the baseball community and the measures taken to prevent similar incidents in the future. With the investigation ongoing and new details unfolding, the full extent of the scandal and its repercussions are yet to be fully realized.

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