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Sportswriter Rick Reilly is calling out former President Donald Trump for declaring himself the winner of both the club championship and senior club championship at the Trump International Golf Club in Florida. Reilly, who has golfed with Trump in the past, points out that Trump has never won a championship at a course he doesn’t own and operate. Despite playing in tournaments like Pebble Beach and Tahoe, where there are rules, judges, and cameras, Trump has never finished in the top half.

Reilly, who wrote a book on how Trump cheats at golf, reveals one of Trump’s methods: when he buys a golf course, he plays the first round alone and declares himself the course champion. Additionally, Reilly highlights how golf relies on trust among players due to the vast distances on the course and lack of referees, and Trump takes advantage of this trust. Trump reportedly uses a turbo-charged golf cart that outpaces his opponents, allowing him to cheat by moving his own ball to better spots and kicking his opponents’ balls into bunkers.

Reilly shares a story about Trump playing a round in LA for $50 a hole with three other players. After hitting his ball into a pond, Trump’s ball mysteriously ends up in the middle of the fairway when the other players arrive at the scene. Trump nonchalantly claims that the tide must have moved his ball. Reilly describes Trump’s cheating as resembling that of a mafia accountant and criticizes the legitimacy of Trump’s latest championships, calling them “fake as Velveeta cheese.”

Reilly emphasizes that Trump’s cheating extends beyond just golf and permeates his entire character. He suggests that Trump’s history of dishonesty and manipulation in various aspects of his life carries over into his approach to golf. Reilly’s comments shed light on Trump’s behavior on the golf course, painting a picture of a player who will do whatever it takes to come out on top, even if it means bending the rules to his advantage.

Reilly’s criticism of Trump’s golfing habits reflects a larger issue of integrity and sportsmanship in the game. By calling out Trump’s cheating and exposing his tactics, Reilly raises awareness about the importance of honesty and fair play in golf and other competitive sports. His insights into Trump’s behavior on the golf course provide a window into the former president’s mindset and approach to competition, offering a cautionary tale about the dangers of prioritizing winning at all costs over playing by the rules.

Ultimately, Reilly’s condemnation of Trump’s golfing behavior serves as a reminder of the values that should underpin the game. By shining a spotlight on Trump’s cheating and questioning the legitimacy of his championships, Reilly prompts a larger conversation about ethics and accountability in sports. Through his candid and critical assessment of Trump’s conduct on the golf course, Reilly encourages players to uphold the principles of integrity, fairness, and respect for the game, rather than seeking victory through deceit and manipulation.

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