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Sports Betting Dime partners with Newsweek to provide exclusive sports betting commercial content to help sports fans make informed decisions on placing bets. The platform offers real-time odds, picks, analysis, and premier sportsbook offers to enhance the sports betting experience. It emphasizes the importance of wagering responsibly to ensure a positive betting experience for all users.

For those looking to bet on college basketball, Sports Betting Dime recommends using the bet365 promo code NEWSXLM to access two welcome bonus options. Users can choose between a $150 bonus bet by betting $5 or a $1,000 safety net for their first bet. This promotional offer is available to individuals who are 21 and above and located in states such as Arizona, Colorado, Indiana, Iowa, Kentucky, New Jersey, Ohio, or Virginia.

March Madness presents an exciting opportunity for sports bettors, with the second round underway and teams vying for a spot in the Sweet 16. The bet365 app offers various boosts and bonuses for these games, giving users additional incentives to engage in college basketball betting. By signing up with the bet365 promo code NEWSXLM, users can secure a $150 guaranteed bonus or opt for a $1,000 safety net bet.

The bet365 promo code NEWSXLM provides bettors with two distinct options to maximize their betting experience. The $150 bonus bet allows users to win bonuses with a minimum $5 bet, regardless of the game outcome. On the other hand, the $1,000 safety net bet offers a safety cushion for bettors who want to take bigger risks on their wagers, with bet365 matching the original stake in bonus bets if the initial bet loses.

To redeem the bet365 promo code NEWSXLM, new users need to follow a simple sign-up process, including accepting a geolocation verification request, creating a new account, making a cash deposit, and placing a qualifying bet. This offer is available in states like Arizona, Colorado, Iowa, Ohio, and more. In North Carolina, users can use the promo code NEWSNC to access a $200 guaranteed bonus or the $1,000 safety net bet.

In conclusion, Sports Betting Dime’s partnership with Newsweek aims to provide sports fans with valuable insights, real-time odds, and exclusive offers to enhance their sports betting experience. By utilizing the bet365 promo code NEWSXLM, users can access welcome bonuses, boost their bets on college basketball games, and enjoy a more rewarding betting journey. Be sure to wager responsibly and take advantage of the diverse betting options available through this platform.

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