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Reggie is the CRO of Incredibuild and leads the go-to-market group and global business expansion efforts. In the current economic climate, customers are looking to do more with less, emphasizing efficiency and reducing spending. As a business leader, it is important to be transparent with your team, address concerns, and involve them in problem-solving processes. It is essential to adapt and develop new metrics to guide the team through challenges and set course for a brighter future.

In uncertain times, it may be better to fine-tune existing processes rather than completely overhaul them. Team members can share existing assets and resources to increase efficiency and productivity. By reusing preexisting assets, teams can reduce costs, speed up processes, and improve quality. Sharing assets globally can save time and reduce cloud resource costs, ultimately benefiting the organization as a whole.

New infrastructure and methodology paradigms should be incorporated into processes moving forward to ensure scalability, repeatability, and become standard practice across all teams. When faced with smaller budgets but the same market deadlines, teams can deploy team members efficiently and use project management systems to fine-tune existing flows and processes. Efficiency is not just about speed but finding a balance between speed and cost-effectiveness. Setting clear ROI KPIs for each project is crucial to track deliverables and ensure success.

Leading a team during challenging times requires transparency, examining current systems, and involving teams in potential changes to reduce costs. By implementing changes effectively, leaders can meet customer demands, reduce spending, and increase employee satisfaction. The key to success lies in honesty and teamwork, as well as a willingness to adapt and make necessary changes to improve overall efficiency and productivity.

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