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Rebel Wilson has accused Sacha Baron Cohen of bullying and gaslighting her by releasing unauthorized behind-the-scenes footage of their sex scene in the 2016 film “The Brothers Grimsby.” Wilson claims that the footage is taken out of context and does not include her initial horrified refusal when Cohen asked her to perform lewd acts. She has referred to Cohen as an “a—hole” in her upcoming memoir, where she alleges that the events on set were not consensual. Cohen and his representatives are reportedly trying to prevent Wilson’s book from being published.

The newly released footage shows Wilson and Cohen collaborating on the sex scene and discussing the choreography, with Wilson appearing to agree to perform certain actions. However, Wilson insists that the footage leaves out crucial context and does not accurately portray the situation. She claims that Cohen pressured her into performing acts that she did not want to do and breached her boundaries. Wilson has vowed not to let Cohen’s actions silence her, despite attempts to discredit her claims with extensive evidence from the production of the film.

Wilson’s accusations against Cohen have sparked a public dispute between the two actors, with Wilson standing firm in her allegations of coercion and non-consensual behavior. She believes that Cohen’s decision to release the behind-the-scenes footage without her approval is a deliberate attempt to discredit her claims and intimidate her. Wilson is determined to speak out and share her side of the story, despite facing pushback from Cohen’s legal team and public relations representatives. She remains resolute in her decision to not be bullied into silence.

Cohen and his representatives have denied Wilson’s allegations, citing evidence from the production of “The Brothers Grimsby” that they claim contradicts her claims of non-consensual behavior. They maintain that Wilson approved of the scene after reading the script and that the footage supports their version of events. However, Wilson argues that the footage does not accurately portray the full context of the situation and that her initial refusal and discomfort were not included. The public dispute between Wilson and Cohen has escalated, with both parties standing by their conflicting accounts of the events that transpired on set.

Despite the backlash and attempts to discredit her claims, Wilson remains steadfast in her decision to speak out and share her experiences. She refuses to be silenced by legal threats or public relations tactics and is determined to have her voice heard. Wilson’s allegations have shed light on the power dynamics and pressures that can exist on a film set, particularly when it comes to intimate or explicit scenes. The public dispute between Wilson and Cohen serves as a reminder of the importance of consent and boundaries in the entertainment industry, and the need for accountability when allegations of misconduct arise.

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