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The US economy is performing well, but polls show that many Americans are not feeling the effects of this prosperity. CNN developed a quiz that asks readers whether they feel better off now under President Joe Biden or under former President Donald Trump. A majority of quiz respondents indicated that they feel better off now, although a significant portion stated that their personal situation has not improved. Reasons cited for feeling better included financial stability, sense of safety, happiness, and concerns about America’s global standing.

Many quiz takers expressed relief that Biden’s presidency brought a sense of calm and stability compared to the uncertainty and chaos they experienced during Trump’s term. Concerns about division, eroding democracy, and alienating allies were common themes among respondents. Despite this, some quiz takers voiced concerns about rising prices, crime rates, and potential loss of personal freedoms.

Some respondents noted that their investments and wages had increased significantly during Biden’s term, leading to a feeling of financial security and prosperity. The booming stock market and strong job market were cited as contributing factors to their improved financial situations. However, others highlighted the rising costs of goods and services, with inflation being a major financial concern for many Americans.

Some quiz respondents expressed feeling less safe under the current administration, citing an increase in crime and a surge of hate and intolerance. The fear of violence, both random and targeted, influenced their daily activities and interactions. They voiced concerns about the safety of themselves, their families, and friends in an increasingly volatile environment.

The Supreme Court’s decision to overturn the federal constitutional right to an abortion in 2022 was a significant factor for some quiz takers in assessing their current situation. Trump’s appointments to the court and his stance on abortion rights were cited as reasons for concern. Additionally, fears of growing intolerance towards the LGBTQ community were expressed, with worries about potential reversals of rights and safety for LGBTQ individuals.

Overall, the quiz responses paint a complex picture of how Americans are feeling under the Biden administration. While some individuals have seen significant financial gains and feel safer and more secure under Biden, others are concerned about rising prices, crime rates, and potential threats to their rights and safety. The quiz highlights the diverse range of experiences and perspectives that shape Americans’ views on the current political and economic landscape.

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