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Flying can be a convenient way to travel, but one aspect that many people dread is using the airplane bathroom. These cramped spaces are often dirty and unpleasant, but sometimes it’s necessary to use them during a flight. To make the experience more bearable, it’s important to time your bathroom breaks strategically. Waiting until after the pilot turns off the seat belt sign but before the drink service begins can be an ideal window, as it may be less crowded. However, if you miss this opportunity, it’s best to wait until after the drink service is completed to avoid getting stuck behind the cart.

Boarding the plane early and using the restroom before takeoff can also be a good idea since the bathroom will have been recently cleaned. Once inside, it’s important to sit on the toilet seat rather than hovering, as turbulence can be a real issue. When it comes to wiping, it’s recommended to use the facial tissue in the bathroom rather than the toilet paper, which may be exposed to bodily fluids. Flushing with the toilet lid closed can help prevent any potential splashing or odors from escaping the bowl.

To combat unpleasant smells in the restroom, some passengers suggest using a courtesy flush or even coffee grounds to freshen the air. Neil Patrick Harris recommends flushing while you go and using hand soap to help eliminate odors. Wearing comfortable clothing that can easily be removed or adjusted in a tight space is also recommended. It’s essential to wash your hands thoroughly before returning to your seat and to inform a flight attendant if you have a medical condition that may require frequent bathroom use.

In addition to bathroom etiquette, it’s also important to be mindful of what you consume while flying. Avoiding airplane coffee due to potentially unsanitary conditions in the water tanks is recommended. If you start feeling sick during a flight, inform a flight attendant, as they may be able to assist you. Taking precautions and being considerate of other passengers can help make using the airplane bathroom a more pleasant experience overall.

The hosts of HuffPost’s “Am I Doing It Wrong?” podcast, Raj Punjabi and Noah Michelson, discussed these tips with HuffPost senior reporter and travel expert Caroline Bologna in a recent episode. Bologna shared her knowledge on how to navigate the challenge of using an airplane restroom and provided practical advice for making flying a more comfortable experience. Listeners of the podcast can expect more episodes covering a wide range of topics, from handling credit card debt to finding love online, sharing tips for online shopping, cooking, and much more.

In conclusion, while using an airplane bathroom may never be a favorite activity for travelers, taking steps to time bathroom breaks strategically, practicing good hygiene in the restroom, and being considerate of others can help make the experience more tolerable. By following the advice provided by experts and fellow travelers, passengers can navigate the challenges of using airplane restrooms with greater ease and comfort.

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