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The highly anticipated season 3 of Bridgerton has been released on Netflix, with the season being split in half, with the second half set to be released in June. Critics and fans have already formed opinions based on the first four episodes of the season. Surprisingly, season 3 has received the highest audience scores out of all the seasons so far, with an 82% rating from critics and an 89% rating from audiences.

When compared to the previous seasons, season 3 of Bridgerton has fared well, with season 1 receiving an 87% rating from critics and a 71% rating from audiences, while season 2 received a 77% rating from critics and a 75% rating from audiences. The prequel, Queen Charlotte, has received a 95% rating from critics, but only a 73% rating from audiences. Despite this, all four seasons have received positive reviews overall, with no truly bad seasons among them.

Netflix is likely pleased with the success of Bridgerton, as the show continues to be highly watched and well-liked by audiences. With plans to renew the show indefinitely due to the abundance of source material available, Bridgerton has become a staple for the streaming service, especially as other popular shows like Stranger Things and The Crown have either ended or are winding down. The show’s popularity is expected to continue, with season 3 projected to surpass the early totals of the previous seasons.

One of the challenges facing Bridgerton is the lengthy gap between seasons, with fans having to wait years for new episodes. However, with seasons 3 and 4 being renewed simultaneously, and the fourth season likely already in development, the wait time may be reduced. Nevertheless, some fans may not be thrilled about having to wait a month for the second half of season 3 to be released, which could potentially impact the overall ratings of the season.

Overall, Bridgerton season 3 has been well-received by both critics and audiences, maintaining the show’s positive reputation and securing its place as a popular Netflix original series. As the story continues to unfold and new seasons are in development, fans can look forward to the ongoing saga of the Bridgerton family and their romantic entanglements in the Regency era.

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