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For those looking for the hints and answers for Monday’s Quordle game, you’ve come to the right place. Quordle is a word puzzle where players must guess four five-letter words with the help of hints provided. Newcomers are welcome to join in by typing in words and trying to solve the puzzle. Players have nine attempts to find all four words, with letters lighting up in green if they are in the correct place and in yellow if they are in the word but in the wrong position. Before taking on the daily puzzle, players can practice with other games to get a feel for how Quordle works.

Today’s Quordle game features hints for each word to help players figure out the answers. The hints for the four words are: a large passenger ship, a fright, permissible, and a priest, magician, or soothsayer in a Celtic religion. Additionally, it is revealed that none of the words have a pair of repeated letters, and the words for today’s game start with the letters L, S, V, and D. These hints provide a starting point for players to begin guessing and working towards solving the puzzle.

For those who are ready to see the answers for today’s Quordle game, spoiler alert! The answers for today’s words are revealed to be: DREAD, LARGO, VOICE, and SPELL. With these answers, players can now see how the hints matched up with the words and gain a better understanding of how Quordle works. The process of solving the puzzle can be challenging but rewarding for those who enjoy word games and puzzles.

After revealing the answers for today’s Quordle game, players are encouraged to check back on the blog for hints and solutions for Wednesday’s game. This allows players to continue challenging themselves with new puzzles and honing their skills in word guessing and problem-solving. Quordle is a fun and engaging way to test one’s vocabulary and deduction skills, making it a popular choice for puzzle enthusiasts looking for a new challenge. Whether you are new to the game or a seasoned player, Quordle offers a unique and entertaining experience for all players.

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