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A school bus driver in the Halifax area had a close call on the highway last week when a tractor-trailer tipped over an overpass and nearly collided with his bus full of students. Terrie Brown, who has been driving a bus for nine years, was driving near Lower Sackville, N.S., when he saw the truck crash into a guardrail and fall over the overpass ahead. He had to brake hard to avoid a collision, and thankfully, there were no major injuries as a result.

Brown was carrying 23 students on the bus at the time of the incident. He mentioned that he initially thought the truck would stop after hitting the guardrail but was surprised when it kept going and landed on the highway below. The truck was also transporting large rocks, some of which flew off the back of the truck upon landing. Brown credits quick decision-making and a bit of luck for avoiding a tragic outcome in the situation.

Despite the weight of the school bus, Brown had to make a split-second decision to go straight down the highway while braking to avoid tipping over. He expressed gratitude for the routine maintenance that keeps the buses operating smoothly and for the students staying in their seats during the incident. Cody MacNeil, an operations manager with Southland Transportation, commended Brown for his quick reaction, stating that he is a hero for saving the lives of himself and the 24 passengers on board.

The community also praised Brown for his actions, with many parents expressing gratitude for his quick thinking that kept their children safe. Brown was given a day off following the incident but returned to work feeling anxious. However, after picking up the same kids and going under the same overpass, he felt fine. Brown’s main takeaway from the incident is the importance of school bus safety and ensuring that children remain seated while the bus is in motion to avoid potential disasters.

In the aftermath of the near-miss, Brown emphasized the importance of communicating the significance of following safety rules on school buses to children. The incident serves as a reminder of how crucial it is for students to remain seated while the bus is in motion. Brown also highlighted the importance of having well-maintained school buses to ensure the safety of passengers in unexpected situations. Despite the harrowing experience, Brown’s quick actions and the students’ cooperation ultimately prevented a tragedy from occurring on that fateful day.

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