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The Quebec Liberal Party recently condemned the CAQ government for the state of the province’s finances and public welfare. At the QLP convention, interim leader Marc Tanguay criticized Premier François Legault, calling him “the worst premier in modern Quebec history” and accusing the government of failing the population by losing control of public finances and not providing adequate public services. Tanguay also emphasized the party’s commitment to inclusivity, stating that the QLP will defend all Quebecers regardless of their background. The convention focused on the economy, with party leaders emphasizing financial responsibility and a desire for Quebec to be a leader in the Canadian federation.

The QLP convention brought together 400 people in Bromont and took place as the party remains without an official leader. The leadership race is set to begin in January 2025, with a new leader to be selected in June. Tanguay views the leadership race as an opportunity for the party to engage with the public and believes it will benefit their chances in the 2026 elections. To attract more interest from Quebecers, the party plans to hold five national debates across the province during the leadership race.

The Quebec Liberal Party’s criticism of the CAQ government comes amidst ongoing concerns about the state of the province’s finances and public services. The QLP is positioning itself as a party that prioritizes inclusivity and economic stability, contrasting this with their perception of the current government’s failures in these areas. The party’s focus on the economy and fiscal responsibility reflects their commitment to addressing these issues and positioning Quebec as a leader within Canada.

The QLP’s condemnation of the CAQ government and their commitment to inclusivity and economic stability are central themes of the recent convention. Interim leader Marc Tanguay’s criticisms of Premier François Legault and the government’s handling of public finances demonstrate the party’s intention to offer a different approach to governance. The upcoming leadership race presents an opportunity for the party to engage with the public, attract new supporters, and prepare for the 2026 elections, with the party planning national debates to increase visibility and interest in their platform.

The Quebec Liberal Party’s convention in Bromont brought together party members to discuss the state of the province and the party’s vision for the future. Interim leader Marc Tanguay’s criticisms of the CAQ government underscored the party’s stance on issues such as public finances, public services, and inclusivity. With the leadership race set to begin in 2025, the QLP is gearing up for a new chapter and an opportunity to connect with Quebecers about their vision for the province. The party’s commitment to fiscal responsibility and economic growth sets the stage for a competitive election campaign in 2026.

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