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In 1995, O.J. Simpson pleaded not guilty to the murder of his ex-wife, Nicole Brown Simpson, and her friend Ronald Goldman. He was acquitted, but in 2007 he confessed to the crimes in a book titled “If I Did It”, that was set to be published by ReganBooks, an imprint of HarperCollins. The chairman of News Corp, Rupert Murdoch, supported the publication of controversial memoirs by authors such as Howard Stern and Jenna Jameson. Amid negotiations for “If I Did It”, Simpson agreed to give one television interview to promote the book and describe what might have happened on the night of the murders.

The book, finished with the help of a ghostwriter, was shelved after public outrage, leading to Judith Regan losing her job. Eventually, the rights to publish the book were secured by Fred Goldman, Ronald Goldman’s father, and Kim Goldman. They added an introduction and other content, clearly stating their belief in Simpson’s guilt. This led to further negotiations with Simpson and the eventual publication of the book in 2007.

Regan’s involvement in the project started with a cold call from Simpson’s lawyer around 2005. After ironing out the terms, including placing the book proceeds into trusts for Simpson’s children, Regan insisted on an on-camera interview to ensure that Simpson couldn’t later disavow the book. The interview was conducted by Regan and a ghostwriter, who had previously testified against Simpson during the trial.

During the interview, Simpson discussed the events leading up to the murders, including a confrontation over alleged drug and sex parties at Ms. Brown Simpson’s house. He mentioned arriving at her house with a knife, hidden under his car seat, and talked about an accomplice named “Charlie”. Simpson described a scenario where he and the victims escalated into a violent encounter that resulted in their deaths.

Despite this detailed description, many claimed that Simpson showed no remorse for the murders and even pointed blame at his ex-wife for the events that transpired. The interview was meant to air on Fox, with Regan believing it to be Simpson’s confession, but the project was ultimately scrapped due to public outcry and Fox affiliates refusing to air it.

After News Corp decided not to publish the book or air the interview, Regan was fired, leading to a lawsuit and eventual settlement with the company. The book was later published by a smaller independent house, with profits going to the Goldman family. Over a decade later, Fox planned to air the interview, leading to surprise from Regan, who thought the tapes had been destroyed. She agreed to participate in a panel discussion about the interview, calling it a portrait of a sociopath.

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