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The Europa Viva 24 conference held in Madrid by Spain’s conservative VOX party drew approximately 11,000 supporters, including right-wing leaders and politicians from various countries such as Argentina, France, Italy, and Hungary. The event highlighted the rise of ultra conservative ideology in Europe, with speakers emphasizing nationalism, sovereignty, and the need to combat globalist influences. Demonstrators gathered under the slogan ‘All to Colón against fascism’ to express their concerns about the gathering of far-right politicians and business figures, viewing it as a threat to democratic values and progress. The event featured prominent figures like Argentinian President Javier Milei and French National Rally party leader Marine Le Pen, who delivered speeches denouncing socialism, globalism, and advocating for the preservation of cultural identities in Europe.

The demonstrations in response to the Europa Viva 24 conference reflect a growing apprehension about the increasing influence of far-right ideologies in Europe and beyond. Many protesters expressed alarm at the consolidation of right-wing political forces from different countries and the potential threat they pose to democratic principles and social progress. The event, attended by leaders like Javier Milei, Marine Le Pen, and Santiago Abascal, highlighted the shared beliefs of these political figures in promoting nationalism, safeguarding borders, and rejecting globalist agendas. The demonstrations served as a platform for voices opposing this ultra conservative trend and calling for the protection of democratic values and human rights.

Speakers at the Europa Viva 24 conference emphasized the need for European nations to regain control over their economies, borders, and freedoms, contrasting with the perceived globalist agenda of the European Union. The event featured discussions on issues such as the 2030 Agenda, feminism, and socialism, with speakers like Jorge Buxade and Marine Le Pen advocating for a Europe rooted in cultural diversity and national identities. The speeches highlighted the growing alliance between various right-wing parties and leaders, who see themselves as defenders of traditional values, individual liberties, and national sovereignty in the face of perceived threats from globalist forces.

The presence of international figures like Marine Le Pen, Javier Milei, and Viktor Orban at the Europa Viva 24 conference underscored the global nature of the far-right movement and its efforts to create a unified front against perceived threats to conservative values. The event served as a platform for these leaders to express their views on a range of issues, from the dangers of socialism to the preservation of cultural identities in Europe. The demonstrators who gathered in opposition to the conference sought to make their voices heard and push back against what they see as a dangerous trend towards authoritarianism and exclusionary politics in Europe and beyond.

The clash of ideologies and values represented by the Europa Viva 24 conference and the subsequent demonstrations reflects the broader political polarization occurring in Europe and other parts of the world. The rise of far-right movements and the growing support for nationalist, anti-globalist agendas pose significant challenges to the existing democratic order and the principles of multiculturalism and diversity. The spirited debates and protests surrounding events like this conference highlight the deep divisions within society and the urgent need for dialogue, understanding, and respect for differing viewpoints.

The Europa Viva 24 conference and the accompanying demonstrations signal a pivotal moment in the ongoing struggle between competing visions of Europe’s future, with far-right forces advocating for a return to traditional values and national identities, while opponents argue for an inclusive, diverse, and democratic Europe. The presence of leaders like Marine Le Pen and Javier Milei at the event underscore the international reach of right-wing ideologies and the potential impact they could have on global politics. As Europe grapples with questions of identity, migration, and governance, events like this serve as a reminder of the importance of engaging in constructive dialogue, promoting tolerance, and upholding the values of democracy and human rights in the face of rising extremism and authoritarianism.

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