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The site in Newstead, Brisbane, once considered for the ABC’s headquarters, has been vacant for years. Plans have now been submitted for a mixed-use development known as the Breakfast Creek Quarter, which could rise up to 28 storeys high. The proposal includes three residential towers with a total of 752 units, along with retail and commercial space on the ground level. The current height limit in the area is 10 storeys, but the developers are arguing for a “potential height uplift” based on a comparison study with other nearby areas where taller buildings are permitted.

Urbis, representing the site owner DJR Investments, contends that the site should be treated similarly to other parts of Newstead, Bowen Hills, and Fortitude Valley, where taller towers are allowed. They argue that there is a need for more housing supply to meet population growth in Newstead, and that the limited number of available development sites necessitates taking advantage of opportunities for growth in the short term. With 30-storey buildings allowed within 200 meters of the site and Albion’s heights surpassing those in Newstead North, they believe that the height limits should be reconsidered to support sustainable growth.

The proposed Breakfast Creek Quarter development would feature a retail and commercial plaza on the ground level, providing a mix of amenities for residents and visitors. The project aims to create a vibrant commercial hub in the area, which is currently characterized by low-rise buildings such as a Bunnings and a Mercedes-Benz dealership. The addition of three tall towers would significantly change the skyline of the neighborhood, potentially attracting new residents and businesses to the area.

The developer’s argument for taller buildings in Newstead North is supported by a comprehensive analysis and comparison study, which highlights the potential for growth in the area. By allowing for taller towers, the developers hope to meet the increasing demand for housing in Brisbane and contribute to the city’s sustainable development goals. They believe that by redefining height limits in Newstead North, they can create a more dynamic and diverse urban environment that meets the needs of its growing population.

The proposal for the Breakfast Creek Quarter development will now be reviewed by the Brisbane City Council, which will ultimately decide whether to approve the project. The decision will likely be influenced by factors such as the site’s location, potential impact on the surrounding area, and compliance with existing planning regulations. If approved, the development could significantly transform the Newstead neighborhood, bringing new residential, retail, and commercial opportunities to the area.

Overall, the Breakfast Creek Quarter development represents a potential opportunity for growth and revitalization in Newstead, Brisbane. The proposal for three tall residential towers, retail and commercial space, and a vibrant plaza aims to create a dynamic and sustainable urban hub that meets the needs of the city’s growing population. By arguing for a potential height uplift, the developers hope to contribute to Brisbane’s housing supply and support long-term growth in the area. The ultimate decision on the project will rest with the Brisbane City Council, which will need to carefully consider the impact and feasibility of the proposed development.

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